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The pandemic is killing us. So is neoliberalism.

It’s time to, as Bobby Seale once said, “seize the time.”

BY:Joe Sims|May 22, 2020
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Interview: More people are thinking about socialism

CPUSA co-chairs Rossana Cambron and Joe Sims talk politics with the Cyprus Progressive Party of Working People.

End quarantine boredom with these 12 flicks

Good flicks to watch while in quarantine.

An open letter to all leftists, socialists, and communists

What exactly is “too radical” when it comes to saving workers’ lives and jobs?

James Baldwin, anti-communism, and white supremacy

Cold War anti-communism as a form of white supremacy.

BY:Jeremiah Kim|May 14, 2020
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100 years of CPUSA: A critical reply to "Jacobin"

The CPUSA has an honorable history, post-1956.

BY:Tony Pecinovsky|May 08, 2020
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Trump and the militias consummate their marriage

The right-wing rallies against stay-at-home orders starkly reveal the stakes of the presidential election.

BY:Max Elbaum|May 06, 2020
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Solidarity in the time of COVID-19: Vote as if your life depends on it

The CPUSA calls for mass solidarity during these times of pandemic.

Celebrate our 100 years with a donation

A letter from Tony Pecinovsky, author of "Let Them Tremble," to you.

May 01, 2020
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With solidarity, a better world is possible

A young comrade writes, "With that intense feeling of comradery, there is no reason to accept the world as it is."

BY:Ricardo Soto|May 01, 2020
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