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Trump, the state and counterrevolution

The crisis in the state consists in the degree to which norms of government have broken down.

BY: Joe Sims|July 6, 2017 | 11
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The fight for voting rights today

Fighting voter suppression is central to achieving working-class unity and defeating the Trump agenda.

BY: Joe Henry And Joelle Fishman|June 22, 2018
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A new era for building socialism with ‘Chinese characteristics’

A qualitative turning point has been reached in socialist construction and with China playing a new role on the global stage.

BY: John Bachtell|June 14, 2018
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Living and creative Marxism: More relevant than ever

Marxism's development as a living and creative worldview didn’t end with Marx.

BY: John Bachtell|May 31, 2018
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Marxist IQ: Marxism on war and peace (answers)

1.  d.  Call for French and Prussian workers to fight to end the war and make  a peace without annexations. (correct) 2.  c.   Support the Union and the Lincoln government...

BY: Communist Party USA|May 26, 2018
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Anti-immigrant racism is a focal point of right wing ideology.

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A basic introduction to Marxist strategy and tactics by Marc Brodine.

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Reject Trump “deal” on Dreamers

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Reject Trump “deal” on Dreamers
Reject Trump “deal” on Dreamers

Reject Trump's changes to visa lottery program, sponsoring relatives and cutting immigration by 50%.

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    Hello. I am an adolescent who is thinking about joining the CPUSA once I am at the legal voting age. My History teacher told me that in a Communist country,...
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    Hi Madeline, Thanks for writing in, and for a terrific question.  It really got me thinking! In our perspective, dissent, protest, disagreement and debate are a vital part of the...
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