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Trump, the state and counterrevolution

The crisis in the state consists in the degree to which norms of government have broken down.

BY: Joe Sims|July 6, 2017 | 11
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Women in politics 2018

The uprising of working-class women candidates in 2018 is reshaping politics.  It is an important part of the revolutionary process.

BY: Joelle Fishman|April 18, 2018
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The capitalist culture of male supremacy and misogyny

Male supremacy is a deep problem. It has permeated all levels of society, down to the interpersonal relationships. Men have a special responsibility to confront it.

BY: Michelle Kern|April 16, 2018
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Marxist IQ: Imperialism

Imperialism is still with us: but for how long? Take the Marxist IQ and check out our webinar: What's your score?

BY: Communist Party USA|April 10, 2018
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The fight against male supremacy and the working class struggle for socialism

Today an understanding the unity of the working class pivots around women along with the racially and nationally oppressed.

BY: Dee Miles|April 6, 2018
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Anti-immigrant racism is a focal point of right wing ideology.

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A basic introduction to Marxist strategy and tactics by Marc Brodine.

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Reject Trump “deal” on Dreamers

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Reject Trump “deal” on Dreamers
Reject Trump “deal” on Dreamers

Reject Trump's changes to visa lottery program, sponsoring relatives and cutting immigration by 50%.

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