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Marxist IQ: Capitalist ideology’s critique of socialism
BY: Communist Party USA|August 19, 2019
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The Legacy of W. E. B. Du Bois

An American leader, a Black leader, a world leader: in this 1965 essay, Paul Robeson assesses the legacy of scholar, philosopher, organizer,  W. E. B. Du Bois.

BY: Paul Robeson|August 16, 2019
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Class struggle in the raw: Donald Trump’s war on American workers

The "working-class" billionaire is the most anti-worker president in memory.

BY: Joe Sims|August 16, 2019
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Time to put the racist-in-chief in his place

There is an angry racist in the White House, loudly and viciously telling the American people how to destroy this country.  Donald Trump and his regime must go.

BY: Communist Party USA|August 2, 2019
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In other words, democracy

CPUSA practices democratic centralism.  What does that mean, and how is it different from capitalist democracy?

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Anti-immigrant racism is a focal point of right wing ideology.

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A basic introduction to Marxist strategy and tactics by Marc Brodine.

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Stand with families on the border

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    "What's the response of CPUSA towards right-wing activist Jordan Peterson's claim that 'Marxism is equal to Nazism' and that, since people are biologically unequal, trying to create equality ends in...
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    Lots of misconceptions and assertions I can't concede in these questions, so it's best to address those then get to the heart of what is in these two questions. These...