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Resolutions adopted by the 31st Convention of the Communist Party USA

Following the amendment process, final resolutions were posted in advance of the Convention.  After discussion on the floor of the Convention, all resolutions were adopted unanimously.

Greetings from the Left Inside-Outside Project

Dear members of the Communist Party USA: On behalf of the Left Inside-Outside Project, I extend warm greetings to you on the occasion of your 31st national convention and, of course, the centennial of your founding. The Left Inside-Outside Project strives to develop greater collaboration and unity across the socialist left, especially those that share a common orientation towards defeating the extreme right and building independent power for progressive and...

Celebrating its 100th birthday, the CPUSA is alive and kicking!

Basing itself on the concept that the extreme right's defeat is "central to social progress,"  the convention prioritized electoral work as the party celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Unity to save people and planet: Keynote to 31st convention CPUSA

Socialism will be the flowering of our diverse working class, people and culture, a place where prisons are abolished, walls become bridges, weapons turn to plowshares, and where capitalists go the way of kings and dinosaurs.

BY:John Bachtell|June 27, 2019
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Greetings from the German Communist Party

Communist Party of the USA   Essen, 1st of June, 2019     Dear Comrades, For 100 years now, our parties, the CPUSA and the Communist Party of Germany/German Communist Party, have been united in the struggle for a world of peace, solidarity and socialism. Therefore we regret that we are not able to participate at your 31st Convention. The Trump government implements the policy of the most aggressive forces...

June 17, 2019
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Greetings from the Communist Party of Ukraine

To: John Bachtell, Chair Communist Party United States of America; Delegates and guests 31st Congress of the Communist Party United States of America Dear Comrade John Bachtell, Dear Comrades in fight! Please accept greetings of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine and me personally with the  31st Congress of the Communist Party of the United States of America, the party that in 2019 celebrates...

BY:Petro Symonenko|June 10, 2019
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Final Resolutions for the 31st National Convention

RESOLUTIONS FOR CONSIDERATION BY THE THIRTY-FIRST NATIONAL CONVENTION OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY USA The National Convention is the highest authority of the Communist Party USA and is authorized to make political and organizational decisions binding upon the entire Party and its membership.  The Party must strive for unity in the National Convention which in turn requires membership participation with an open and free discussion of ideas. We relied upon...

June 10, 2019
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Beating the #FakeNews: People’s World and CPUSA communications (part 2)

Today’s media terrain Those of us looking to push a progressive agenda cannot afford to ignore or devalue the role of communications and new digital media, because those forces that seek to spread disinformation and oppression are plunging ahead and getting results. The airwaves of radio, television, and various internet-based programs are filled with a pro-corporate and racist agenda. Monopoly control and manipulation of the media were instrumental in Trump’s...

Social democrats are not the enemy right now

Who's the real enemy?  Not the followers of Bernie Sanders, that's for sure.

BY:C.J. Atkins|June 06, 2019
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Support the Green New Deal and the Blue-Green Alliance

The Communist Party should do all possible to help pass this legislation.