Left Strategy in 2016: Building Real Political Independence

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Left Strategy in 2016: Building Real Political Independence

BY: John Bachtell|May 1, 2016

Win or lose, American politics will never be the same again because radical new ideas have been discussed widely and new forces have energized the electoral arena.

We are a political party of the working class, for the working class, with no corporate sponsors or billionaire backers. Join the generations of workers whose generosity and solidarity sustains the fight for justice.

A handy guide to capitalism, socialism and democracy

Today, the basic policy of the CPUSA stems from recognition that right wing extremism poses the main immediate threat to the living standards, well-being and democratic rights of the American...

BY: Rick Nagin| October 20, 2016
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International Notes: October 20, 2016

South African to head world trade union federation, Turkish workers calls renewed struggle and more in this week's International Notes.

National Board update: One month to go until the election

It is one month to election day and still anything can happen.

BY: Joelle Fishman| October 18, 2016
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Do you want Trump’s finger on the nuclear trigger?

Do you want Trump's finger on the nuclear trigger?

BY: John Bachtell| October 17, 2016
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Video: Black helicopters, globalists? Trump and the new world order

Donald Trump represents a danger of new type.

BY: Communist Party USA| October 16, 2016
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