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Communist Party USA denounces coup and persecutions in Bolivia

We demand,  further, that the U.S. government cease and desist from its violent interference in the internal affairs of Bolivia and so many other countries.

BY:Communist Party USA|November 11, 2019
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The fight for peace and socialism continues: CPUSA address to IMCWP

We must continue to support and strengthen international peace and solidarity.

BY:Communist Party USA|October 31, 2019
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International Notes: CP's condemn Turkey's invasion of Syria

CP's around the world condemn Turkey'sinvasion of Syria.

The path to defeat Trump leads from the picket line to the ballot box

Initiative will be in the hands of those who act with the unity and best interests of the working class and people at heart.

BY:Joe Sims|October 26, 2019
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Imperialism drives environmental destruction

We can't address the ecological crisis without confronting imperialism, and U.S. imperialism in particular.

BY:Emile Schepers|October 15, 2019
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Discussion: class struggle, ecological crisis, and the fight for socialism

Join our discussion of capitalism, ecological crisis, and the working class!

BY:Communist Party USA|October 09, 2019
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Mass killings, Marxism, and skin in the game

My nephew remembers everything about the first time he let his daughter, and two friends, attend a local event without parent supervision. Here’s what he said to his daughter as he left them at the entrance of an annual festival: "I am not thrilled about you going to this thing without me, but you can go for two hours. Stay together. Keep your phone ringer on full volume, and meet...

BY:Len Yannielli|October 08, 2019
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Organizing an unstoppable force for our future in 2020

Celebrating the 100th birthday of the Communist Party is letting us draw from the past, in order to steel ourselves and inspire ourselves for 2020 and all the giant fights in front of us.

BY:Joelle Fishman|October 07, 2019
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From CPUSA's program: Capitalism vs. the environment

Capitalism is the major cause of environmental challenges, as well as the major obstacle to solving them.

BY:Communist Party USA|October 01, 2019
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The Legacy of W. E. B. Du Bois

An American leader, a Black leader, a world leader: in this 1965 essay, Paul Robeson assesses the legacy of scholar, philosopher, organizer,  W. E. B. Du Bois.

BY:Paul Robeson|August 16, 2019
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