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Proletarian internationalism

The Communist Party has a special responsibility here in the heart of world capital, imperialism, and reaction.

Report on the housing movement in New York State

The fight for fair housing is developing as one of the main arenas of class struggle.  Here's how it looks in New York State.

BY:Cameron Orr|June 06, 2019
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We should put our strategic goals in dialectical relationship to one another

Anti-right, anti-monopoly, and anti-capitalist struggles are developing concurrently.  Our job is to unite, guide, strengthen, and advance them.

BY:Cameron Orr|June 04, 2019
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For a 6-hour day with no cut in pay

Labor's productivity has soared, but none of the gains have gone to the working class.

Building the club and party

The Communist Party USA is one hundred years old; it has a glorious history of fighting against all kinds of bigotry, economic exploitation, social oppression and for world peace.  It has done this in the face of a sustained United States capitalist class attack.  It has demonstrated its mettle. We should proudly acknowledge we are communist and members of the Communist Party USA. I joined the party around 1980...

Resolutions for the National Convention

The following resolutions will be presented to the National Convention for action.  All amendments must be submitted by 5 PM on Sunday, June 2.

Proposal: a revised, shorter version of Draft Program Section III

A proposed revision to section 3 of the Draft Program

Springtime for socialism

It is spring again for socialism.  But only with the history and models, the theory and practice of the Communist Party USA can this spring reach full bloom in our country.

BY:Ben Bath|May 16, 2019
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Building the party among left and progressive youth

What is to be done? Millennial leftists in NYC can now exist in an ever increasing and dizzying array and calendar of Socialist events, educationals, talks, teach ins, speeches, social events and parties. What the Communist Party USA has that no other organization on the left in the US has today is the organization, the knowhow, and the history to translate these absolutely radical and revolutionary generational trends...

BY:Ben Bath|May 16, 2019
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International Notes: SACP salutes ANC victory

ANC election victory hailed; South American communists meet;  Turkey communist mayor hailed and more in this week's International Notes.