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May 2018


8:00 PM

Remembering May Day: Lucy Parsons

Click here to register for the webinar. Jo Eure will lead the class in a discussion of the following questions: What is anarchism? What are some of anarchism's political methods and goals? What is socialism from a Marxist perspective? Who was Lucy Parsons? What were Lucy Parson's relations to anarchism and how did these relations effect her politics? Who was Albert Parsons and what were his politics? Was Lucy Parsons a member of the Communist Party of the United states of…

Jun 2018


9:30 AM

LA Marxist School

1251 S St Andrews Pl Los Angeles Ca 90019. T Los Angeles, California

Join us for a weekend Marxist school in Los Angeles featuring a basic introduction to theory of class struggle, the labor theory of value, historical materialism along with a Marxist understanding of racism, sexism and homophobia.  Write to membership@cpusa.org for more information.

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