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Greetings from the Communist Party of Ukraine

To: John Bachtell, Chair Communist Party United States of America;   Delegates and guests 31st Congress of the Communist Party United States of America   Dear Comrade John Bachtell, Dear...

BY: Petro Symonenko| June 10, 2019
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Final Resolutions for the 31st National Convention

  RESOLUTIONS FOR CONSIDERATION BY THE THIRTY-FIRST NATIONAL CONVENTION OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY USA The National Convention is the highest authority of the Communist Party USA and is authorized to...

June 10, 2019
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Green Strategy

The fight for a sustainable environmental policy is a fight for survival.  CPUSA should be at the forefront.

Beating the #FakeNews: People’s World and CPUSA communications (part 2)

Today’s media terrain Those of us looking to push a progressive agenda cannot afford to ignore or devalue the role of communications and new digital media, because those forces that...

Beating the #FakeNews: People’s World and CPUSA communications (part 1)

From politics to the economy, culture to sports, and every area of life in between—we are all constantly bombarded with information overload. Often, what we get, though, isn’t really information...

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