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Tactics in the fight against white supremacy and racism

The 2018 Congressional elections will be the next major battle in the fight against the Trump administration.

BY: Communist Party USA| September 13, 2017
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Organized labor and the Trump regime: An interview with Scott Marshall

For labor, democratic struggles like sexism, racism, and LGBTQ issues aren't side issues.

BY: Communist Party USA| September 12, 2017
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BY: Communist Party USA| September 9, 2017
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19th World Festival of Youth and Students: Here we come!

The friendship of young generations can bring peace among nations.

BY: Special to| September 2, 2017
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National party building conference: Call to action

It will take a fighting party armed with the most advanced ideas of Marx and Lenin, utilizing every possible means of organizing, to lead and win the working-class majority to...

BY: National Board, CPUSA| August 29, 2017
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