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12 reasons why Trump is no peace maker

Trump is presiding over the biggest military build up in history.

BY: Roberta Wood| August 17, 2018
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Women and socialism (with video)

What would women get out of socialism? That's up to us: It would make life more human because of the social investment starting with childcare, summer camps, integrated with after...

BY: Communist Party USA| August 17, 2018
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Who polices the police?

Excessive force in policing is generally aimed at poor and working people, and it has a specific racial dimension

BY: Gene Grabiner| August 15, 2018
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Marxist IQ: Celebrating W.E.B. Du Bois

  Donald Trump recent attacks on the “intelligence” of prominent African Americans, political leaders, famous athletes, well known media commentators, are in the tradition of racist demagoguery that goes back...

August 13, 2018
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Marxist IQ: Du Bois answers

d. All of the above. (correct) c. The major question of the 20th century will be the question of the color line; (correct) c. Seeing the “talented tenth,” those with...

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