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Situation in Israel not so clear-cut (a reply to Scott Hiley)

This piece is in reply to Scott Hiley’s video, The two-state solution and the fight against fascism. In a video response to my original discussion post, Scott Hiley makes a...

BY: Ian Goodrum| May 3, 2019
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Labor law discussion groups

We need educational forums on workers' rights.  Please share your experience!

BY: Greg Roan| May 3, 2019
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Political independence requires political bravery

Advancing the political independence of the working class requires both a fresh look at our past and the ability to experiment and take risks.

BY: Andrew Stewart| May 3, 2019
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End U.S. attacks on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela!

  Call your congressional representatives and other political leaders to demand that they break with the Trump administration’s attacks on Venezuela and vote to pass HR 1004, and S J...

BY: Communist Party USA| May 2, 2019
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On May Day, join the fight against the Trump agenda!

Today the fight against Trump and the GOP's extremist agenda is central to defending the rights of all.

BY: Communist Party USA| May 1, 2019
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