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Lesson from midterms: A united people can win

The Republican right-wing was setback but the battle is far from over.

BY: John Bachtell| November 26, 2018
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Address to 20th Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties

The coming to power of political forces promoting unbridled racism, anti-Semitism and right-wing nationalism represents a grave danger throughout the world.

BY: Communist Party USA| November 24, 2018
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The beginning of the end of GOP dominance?

Demographics is not destiny. Unity and victory demands convincing white voters to break with Trump.

BY: John Bachtell| November 21, 2018
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International Notes: Uruguayan CP leader to run for president

Uruguay coalition to support CP union leader for president; CP of Spain condemns arms sale; Japan's CP defends foreign workers and more in this week's International Notes.

Marxist IQ: Introduction to political economy

Karl Marx's understood capitalism asa whole organization of society based on domination of dead labor (property) over living labor (workers). Want to know more? Register for our online class!

BY: Communist Party USA| November 12, 2018
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