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The 1%, the police, and the fascist danger

Getting desperate, the capitalist 1% edges toward fascism.

BY: Joel Wendland| June 26, 2020
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Spanish CP: Building an international alternative to neoliberalism

The privatization of public services such as health, the lack of protection of national production, and the inability to intervene in the economy during exceptional moments left us literally without...

Prison and police abolition: Reimagining public safety and liberation

Defund, demilitarize, and abolish: A different way of looking at public safety and justice.

BY: Jamal Rich| June 25, 2020
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Economic crisis and police violence spark people’s movements

What the post-Covid world will look like depends on the November elections and the people's movements.

BY: John Bachtell| June 24, 2020
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Crisis of America’s reactionary ruling class

When the ruling class must resort to armed confrontation to quell peaceful protests, the economic elites are revealing their inherent desperation and weakness.

BY: Bernie Cylich| June 23, 2020
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