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Time to put the racist-in-chief in his place

There is an angry racist in the White House, loudly and viciously telling the American people how to destroy this country.  Donald Trump and his regime must go.

BY: Communist Party USA| August 2, 2019
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Puerto Rico: An unprecedented uprising defeats governor

Puerto Rico faces a deep crisis brought on by deep poverty, the hurricanes and a fiscal control board set up by Washington to impose austerity on an suffering people.

BY: Communist Party USA| July 29, 2019
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In other words, democracy

CPUSA practices democratic centralism.  What does that mean, and how is it different from capitalist democracy?

31st National Convention Results

  This page serves as an index of the deliberations and decisions of the 31st National Convention of the Communist Party USA. Its purpose is not only to inform our...

July 26, 2019
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