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The October Revolution needs an honest, balanced assessment

For the first time in history, in Russia itself and after 1945 in other European and non-European countries, a post-capitalist, socialist society was created.

BY: Herbert Griessig| August 26, 2017
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International Notes: Highlights of the world communist movement

SACP rejects Zuma witch hunt; CP of India criticizes hard right Modi government, CP of Chile tells Pence to go home and more in this week's International Notes.

BY: John Bachtell| August 22, 2017
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Charlottesville: Turn outrage into united action!

We join with other in demanding the immediate impeachment of Trump.

BY: National Board, CPUSA| August 13, 2017
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No dangerous saber rattling on Korea! End U.S. intervention!

We call upon the people to exert pressure on the Trump administration to carry out a radical change of course.

BY: Communist Party USA| August 13, 2017
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