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Marxist IQ: May Day answers

d) All of the above. (correct) a) Working people’s rights and  lives matter through the world; (correct) c) “Globalization” is the basis of a deepening global economic crisis, not a...

BY: Communist Party USA| May 14, 2018
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A Marxist classic: The German Ideology (With video)

Learn more about Marx at 200 with this basic introduction to historical materialism.

BY: Anita Waters| May 12, 2018
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Against male supremacy and for socialism

Working-class men have a special role in taking the lead in the fight against male supremacy.

Marx and Lincoln on civil war and revolution

"So far, we have only witnessed the first act of the Civil War—the constitutional waging of war. The second act, the revolutionary waging of war, is at hand."

BY: Norman Markowitz| May 8, 2018
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