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Class struggle in the raw: Donald Trump’s war on American workers

The "working-class" billionaire is the most anti-worker president in memory.

BY: Joe Sims| August 16, 2019
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Is community self-defense the answer to fighting racist terror?

We demand measures now, not later, to isolate and defang the extreme right - and that means addressing their influence in all areas, starting at the top, in government, business,...

BY: Joe Sims| August 8, 2019
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BY: Communist Party USA| August 7, 2019
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Marxist IQ: Science of society (answers)

    b) A class defined essentially by its relationship to or lack of ownership of the means of production. (correct) c)  A class that owns the means of production...

August 7, 2019
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International Notes: Portuguese communists ready for October elections

CP of Portugal prepares for October election calling for worker control of economy, CP of Japan happy about Parliament vote, and more in this week's International Notes.

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