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Welcome to pre-Convention discussion!

Charting a course to socialism is a collective work, and your input is needed!

31st convention resolution guidelines

The committee’s recommendations  will be voted on by the convention.

BY:| February 1, 2019
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New draft program available for download

In preparation for our 31st National Convention, we welcome your examination of and feedback on a new draft of the party's program.

BY: CPUSA program committee| February 1, 2019
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An energized union rank and file: key to defeating Trump lockout

Signs point to a new nationwide, even worldwide, wave of strikes and other worker resistance in response to corporate attacks and growing inequality.

BY: CPUSA Labor Commission| January 31, 2019
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Hands off Venezuela!

The people of the United States need to speak out forcefully and immediately to put a stop to the Trump administrations’ reckless actions against Venezuela.

BY: Communist Party USA| January 24, 2019
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