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Enough! CP statement on 2020 elections

Let's boot out the Trump administration and push the people's movement forward.

BY:Communist Party USA|February 19, 2020
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Survival or liberation?

Black people have been warding off attacks for 400 years.  They want and need an offensive strategy to build a great popular movement to end racist oppression.

BY:Henry Winston|February 18, 2020
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The backlash against the 1619 project and a new history of slavery

The New York Times 1619 Project is getting pushback from the right and the left.

BY:Norman Markowitz|February 11, 2020
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Workers, not bourgeois politicians, define the struggle

Let’s not let the establishment Democrats define the struggle for the masses of working Americans.

BY:Maicol David Lynch|February 07, 2020
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Trump unbound?

With the checks left unchecked and the balance unbalanced, what's next?

BY:Communist Party USA|February 04, 2020
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Houston CP continues to grow

An inspiring update from the Houston CP.

BY:John Carter|February 04, 2020
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The origins of poetry: A Marxist analysis

Christopher Caudwell made the first attempt to create a complete theory of poetry based on Marxism.

BY:Thomas Riggins|February 03, 2020
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Liberalism hinders working-class leadership

The Party should openly resist the liberal agenda and press radical ones instead. This must be our mark. This is leadership.

BY:Lowell B. Denny, III|January 28, 2020
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Discussion question: Working-class independence and leadership

The working class is stepping into its role as the leading force for social change.  How do we overcome the obstacles to the unity, independence, and political power of the working class?

BY:Communist Party USA|January 27, 2020
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Against the establishment in 2020

The true test of the independence of the American working-class movement is its ability to draw its power not from the institutions and their toadying servants but from the American people themselves.