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Pre-Convention Discussion

Welcome to Pre-Convention Discussion! Here you'll find links to guidelines, information on online discussions, and a list of submissions by topic.

Pre-Convention Discussion: How to Participate

Guidelines for participation in the discussion leading up to our 31st (and centennial!) Convention, June 21-23.

The Road to Socialism USA: Unity for Peace, Jobs, Equality

Monopoly capitalism is in deep crisis.  There is a way out - here's our roadmap for what lies ahead. Please share your critique.  Join the conversation.

This week @cpusa: Crisis in Venezuela

Jesús Rodriguez former Consul General of Venezuela in Chicago, now editor of Orinoco Tribune discuses the crisis in his country and the way forward.

BY:Communist Party USA|February 23, 2019
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CP replies to Trump's State of the Union

The majority of Americans reject Trump's pro-corporate and anti-working-class policies.

BY:John Bachtell|February 06, 2019
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Welcome to pre-Convention discussion!

Charting a course to socialism is a collective work, and your input is needed!

New draft program available for download

In preparation for our 31st National Convention, we welcome your examination of and feedback on a new draft of the party's program.

Draft party program seminar: Realities of the US Working Class and the Working Class Movement for Social Progress

What are the newest developments in the contemporary capitalist economy, here in the US and globally? What contradictions are being introduced or exacerbated that will sharpen the class struggle in the near future? How are the fights against racism and sexism a part of the class struggle? How does racism play a central role in maintaining the power of the extreme right? What dangers has capitalism inflicted on the planet...

January 30, 2019
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Categories for Pre-Convention Discussion

Developments in the world economy today, and the need for socialism What are the major changes occurring today in the global economy? What is the role of U.S. corporations in those changes? How should US workers meet these challenges? What common interests or common ground can US workers find today with workers in other countries, including those pursuing socialist development? How can these interests form a basis for...

January 30, 2019
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Say no to Trump's wall-shaped monument to racism

Labor has the power in its hands to end this shutdown!

BY:Communist Party USA|January 23, 2019
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