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Should communists participate in electoral struggle?

Lenin knew that revolutionary potential is built through struggle--even in elections.

BY:Maicol David Lynch|April 22, 2020
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We help each other: The Unemployment Councils of the Great Depression

A brief history of the Communist Party’s Unemployment Councils.

BY:Zach Carlson|April 22, 2020
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A working-class Virginia community deals with COVID-19

Coronavirus crisis: The situation in a working-class Virginia community.

BY:Emile Schepers|April 17, 2020
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BY:Anita Waters|April 17, 2020
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COVID-19 capitalism demands social connection

Keeping physical distance during the pandemic doesn’t mean we have to accept the capitalist ideology of social distance.

BY:Joel Wendland|April 16, 2020
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Five myths about the CPUSA

Five common myths about the CPUSA.

CPUSA Program

The Party Program for the Communist Party USA.

The NATO Imperialist Threat on Cyprus

The communist party of Cyprus, known as the “Progressive Party of Working People” or by its Greek acronym “AKEL”, has fought for the unification of their island country for nearly a century. In this week’s episode of The Specter, special guest Vera Polycarpou, gives us an inside look into Cyprus’s struggle for unification and socialism. Vera currently serves as Head of the International Relations Bureau of AKEL and is a...

April 13, 2020
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Political parties issue joint statement concerning COVID-19

Political parties around the world issue a joint statement calling for international cooperation in the battle against COVID-19.

April 10, 2020
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