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Final Resolutions for the 31st National Convention

RESOLUTIONS FOR CONSIDERATION BY THE THIRTY-FIRST NATIONAL CONVENTION OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY USA The National Convention is the highest authority of the Communist Party USA and is authorized to make political and organizational decisions binding upon the entire Party and its membership.  The Party must strive for unity in the National Convention which in turn requires membership participation with an open and free discussion of ideas. We relied upon...

June 10, 2019
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Beating the #FakeNews: People’s World and CPUSA communications (part 2)

Today’s media terrain Those of us looking to push a progressive agenda cannot afford to ignore or devalue the role of communications and new digital media, because those forces that seek to spread disinformation and oppression are plunging ahead and getting results. The airwaves of radio, television, and various internet-based programs are filled with a pro-corporate and racist agenda. Monopoly control and manipulation of the media were instrumental in Trump’s...

Social democrats are not the enemy right now

Who's the real enemy?  Not the followers of Bernie Sanders, that's for sure.

BY:C.J. Atkins|June 06, 2019
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Support the Green New Deal and the Blue-Green Alliance

The Communist Party should do all possible to help pass this legislation.

Proletarian internationalism

The Communist Party has a special responsibility here in the heart of world capital, imperialism, and reaction.

Report on the housing movement in New York State

The fight for fair housing is developing as one of the main arenas of class struggle.  Here's how it looks in New York State.

BY:Cameron Orr|June 06, 2019
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We should put our strategic goals in dialectical relationship to one another

Anti-right, anti-monopoly, and anti-capitalist struggles are developing concurrently.  Our job is to unite, guide, strengthen, and advance them.

BY:Cameron Orr|June 04, 2019
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For a 6-hour day with no cut in pay

Labor's productivity has soared, but none of the gains have gone to the working class.

Building the club and party

The Communist Party USA is one hundred years old; it has a glorious history of fighting against all kinds of bigotry, economic exploitation, social oppression and for world peace.  It has done this in the face of a sustained United States capitalist class attack.  It has demonstrated its mettle. We should proudly acknowledge we are communist and members of the Communist Party USA. I joined the party around 1980...

Resolutions for the National Convention

The following resolutions will be presented to the National Convention for action.  All amendments must be submitted by 5 PM on Sunday, June 2.