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Environmental Crises and Class Struggle

The environmental crises the world faces are getting worse, fast, and are part of the general crisis of capitalism. We can build people's movements to end this crisis now.

BY:Marc Brodine|March 18, 2024
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On building the party and other suggestions 

Prioritize workplace clubs, focus on the national question, revitalize theoretical publications,  build international solidarity, build a working class electoral movement.

BY:Derek Dougherty|April 20, 2024
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Our position on Palestine cannot be formed unilaterally

PPP leader Aqel Taqaz said, “All Palestinian organizations … fighting for a Palestinian independent state on the basis of the UN resolutions … within the borders of 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of refugees to go back home.”  It is our responsibility to help achieve this result. The first step is forcing our own government to accept and support an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

BY:Cameron Orr|April 02, 2024
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Fighting alienation, new urbanism, and working class neighborhoods

The New Urbanism Movement helps address concerns raised in convention discussion, particularly climate change.It needs more working class and left influences.

BY:Zach Carlson|May 19, 2024
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American chauvinism vs Party unity

As the contradictions of settler colonialism approach the emergence of a revolutionary moment, we must prepare ourselves for further class collaborationist threats against Party unity.

Petty-bourgeois radicalism vs. working-class politics

If the CPUSA can help popularize working-class ideas and approaches to struggle, we will help the working-class and all people make great strides forward in the battles ahead.

BY:Cameron Orr|May 21, 2024
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Learning to learn: theoretical and practical interaction with dialectics

Marxist classes of Hegelian dialectics would help inspire interest in Marx’s works, and convince our newest comrades of our kind of practice within mass movement organizations.

BY:Elias Moya|May 23, 2024
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The National Question

We are living through a very dangerous period. The Bush Administration and most Republicans in Congress are using the events of September 11th to push their reactionary agenda: imperialist aggression abroad, racism and austerity at home. We are in the middle of a deepening economic crisis made worse by the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, the great corporate scandals of 2002, and the right-wing policies of the Bush Administration.

January 09, 2003
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If You Eat, You're Involved in Agriculture: Report from the Rural and Farm Comm.

Vermont is a major dairy state and all those dairymen up there are plenty P.O.'ed at George W. Bush's arrogant greed for profit, and more specifically, Dubya's threat to pull the plug on the Northeast Dairy Compact. The fact that a Republican Senator from a rural state inflicted such a huge blow on the ultra right is a very good reason for the Communist Party USA to be paying more...

September 22, 2001
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Erica Smiley's Bi-Annual Report to the National Council April 12-13, 2008; Chicago, IL POLITICAL CLIMATE There are so many things I could talk about right now with regards to the state of education, jobs, housing, and the on-going occupation in Iraq. But these days it would be difficult to mention these things without first discussing the 2008 elections.|April 26, 2008
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