Creating entry points for new members

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Creating entry points for new members

BY: Rossana Cambron|December 5, 2017

The fact that people are looking for solutions, and toward a different system that will address the instability they are feeling helps us know what to focus on.

We are a political party of the working class, for the working class, with no corporate sponsors or billionaire backers. Join the generations of workers whose generosity and solidarity sustains the fight for justice.
BY: Communist Party USA| October 18, 2019
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Marxist IQ: The Russian revolution (answers)

 c.  A semi-feudal empire on the brink of a bourgeois (capitalist revolution);  (correct) b. Saw the formation of peoples councils(Soviets) that serve as a “dress rehearsal” for the October Revolution;(correct)...

October 18, 2019
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All out support for striking autoworkers!

Our job in this struggle is to help people find ways to express solidarity and stand with the strikers.

BY: CPUSA Labor Commission| October 15, 2019
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Imperialism drives environmental destruction

We can't address the ecological crisis without confronting imperialism, and U.S. imperialism in particular.

BY: Emile Schepers| October 15, 2019
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CPUSA denounces Erdogan’s aggression in Syria

The CPUSA expresses its solidarity with the people of Syria, with the working people of Turkey and with the Kurdish speaking population of both countries, and denounces the resort to...

BY: Communist Party USA| October 12, 2019
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