Turning point in freedom road

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Turning point in freedom road

BY: Joe Sims|January 30, 2021

Post-election turning point: The continuing fight and the Party's role in it.

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The Trumpist Supreme Court: Off the rails of democracy

The history behind the Court’s blitzkrieg against the people's rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

BY: Norman Markowitz| August 5, 2022
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We need solutions, not slogans

We desperately need solutions -- workable alternatives from organizers, trade unionists, activists, and economists alike.

BY: Taryn Fivek| August 5, 2022
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We must use our right to vote, not lose it!

Download and distribute this call to action, in Spanish and English!

Imperialism and socialism will not mix

The question of an "imperialist" agenda is an existential issue in the advance toward socialism.

BY: John Case| August 2, 2022
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BY: Communist Party USA| July 28, 2022
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