Election victory: Rising tide of struggle and unity

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Election victory: Rising tide of struggle and unity

BY: CPUSA Political Action Commission|November 19, 2020

The extraordinary effort of labor and people's organizations is the victory. What are the tasks ahead?

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A deeper look: understanding and confronting Christian fascism (online)

CPUSA's Labor and Education Comissions present the first in a series of seminars aimed at developing a democratic, people's response to the fascist threat.  Register today!

BY: Communist Party USA| January 23, 2021
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NYC Teamsters strike against “filthy rich bosses”

Workers: "These bosses are filthy rich, and they can’t give us a dollar."

BY: Cameron Orr| January 22, 2021
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Solidarity with the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party

Congratulations to the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party on the occasion of its the 11th National Congress.

Martin Luther King, Jr.: An inspiration in his time and ours

The circumstances, challenges, and experiences that produced greatness in King.

BY: Karamo Muchuri Sulieman| January 15, 2021
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U.S. hypocritically re-lists Cuba as state sponsor of terrorism

Secretary of State Pompeo's new Cuba policy is designed to leave a violent extreme-right stamp on U.S. foreign policy for years.

BY: Communist Party USA| January 13, 2021
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