From uprising to elections and beyond

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From uprising to elections and beyond

BY: Joe Sims|June 9, 2020

Report to the CPUSA National Committee on the uprising and the tasks ahead.

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Stop Israel’s annexation plan!

The Netanyahu annexation plan appears designed to eliminate forever the possibility of a two-state solution.

BY: Communist Party USA| July 2, 2020
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Jesus and the material world

The Christian right recycles and perpetuates Cold War myths about socialism.

BY: Brayden Hafner| July 1, 2020
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The poor, the Popular Front, and progressives of faith

To be a communist and a Christian is no contradiction.

BY: Forbes West| July 1, 2020
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Engels at 200: Intellectual giant and rebel

On this bicentenary of Engels' birth, we note his contributions to Marxist theory.

BY: Thomas Riggins| June 30, 2020
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