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International Notes: July 14, 2016

Communist Party of Bangladesh denounces government and opposition in response to July 1 terrorist attack   The Communist Party of Bangladesh has denounced the terrorist attack on a restaurant in the capital, Dacca, on July 1, which killed 21 men and women, both Bangladeshis and foreigners.  But the Communist Party also criticizes the country’s government and electoral opposition for their failure to prevent such attacks.  In a statement, the Communist...

July 14, 2016
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International Notes: May 18, 2016

South African Communists Hail Court Decision on Nkandla, Warn of “Corporate Capture” The South African Communist Party (SACP) expressed its agreement with a judicial decision by the nation’s Constitutional Court that obliges president Jacob Zuma to reimburse the state for government money that was used for an expensive remodeling job on his rural residence at Nkandla in Kwazulu-Natal province.   The judgement, given on April 1, is seen by the SACP...

May 18, 2016
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Communities of color demand an immediate ceasefire

There is a lot of movement in protest of the genocide against Palestinians, including over 2,000 Palestine solidarity and peace demonstrations in the U.S. over the past three months. The struggle for peace in Palestine intersects with the 2024 national elections. The Biden administration’s continuation of U.S. foreign policy on Israel is fracturing its support among youth and people of color, which are key constituencies needed for victory over...

January 16, 2024
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Changing U.S. foreign policy is central to immigration justice

The following presentation was given by Debra Wilmer on behalf of the Immigration Subcommittee of the CPUSA Politcal Action Commission at the party's 2023 peace conference in New York City. Immigration to the U.S. and globally today is fueled by the policies of imperialism, global climate change (itself a product of imperialist policy), extreme poverty, and political violence and corruption. The latter are also often caused by the politics...

December 06, 2023
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Nature of the YCL

A hundred years since its conception, we must once again assess the role of the Young Communist League in the fight for the working class.

Anti-racist struggle is required to build unity and defeat fascism

Their biggest fear is a united working class able to challenge the reign of capital. No worker, including white workers, has a material interest in maintaining such a system.

The changing character of the extreme right

As communists, we should think of voting as a strategic act, and vote in a way that affords us the space to rally the working class on the political terrain of our choosing.

Class structure in the U.S.A.

An all-people's united struggle is required to defeat imperialism and fascism.

BY:Alvaro Rodriguez|April 17, 2024
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Communist media: the terrain is challenging, but we must build there anyway

A focused, tight, and centralized media strategy with a Marxist orientation is necessary to build on the increasingly hostile terrain of US media, both digital and otherwise. We are obligated to use all methods necessary to organize our class.

BY:Taryn Fivek|April 02, 2024
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For a one-state solution in Palestine, and other suggestions

Palestine is the site of the most important anti-imperialist struggle of today; Palestine is the Vietnam of the 1960s. Every single communist in the United States must — and with the most unapologetic, most comprehensive, and most unrestrained attitude — support Palestine. Palestine must get its liberation.

BY:Avril Marx|March 25, 2024
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