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Greetings form the Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL)Cyprus

Message of greetings from the Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL)Cyprus to the 28th National Convention of the CPUSA.

Progressive newspaper holds "Better World Awards"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Statement April 10, 2007 Contact: Jenn Perna, (office) 212-989-4994, Progressive Newspaper Holds Better World Awards Communist Leader Reports on China Trip at NYC Event WHEN: Sunday, May 6, 2-5pm WHERE: 235 W. 23rd St., New York, NY 10011 The New York Friends of the People Weekly World newspaper will be holding its annual Better World Awards Gala May 6 to celebrate the May Day and...

Langston Hughes: Progressive poet and wanderer

Wandering in Cleveland, Haiti, the USSR, and elsewhere.

BY:Taylor Dorrell|February 28, 2022
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A progressive agenda in rural and small town Ohio

You're invited to a webinar, "How can a progressive agenda be pursued and achieved in rural and small town Ohio?" As the recent elections show, the division between "town and country" that Marx and Engels describe in The Communist Manifesto and elsewhere is alive and well in Ohio.  What works? What are the best communication strategies?  Please invite your friends and co-workers to register and attend. Date: Sunday, December...

December 08, 2020
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Local elections in New York: Progressive victories, many struggles ahead

An analysis of the upcoming New York State municipal elections.

Defeating Trump: A strategy for uniting progressive forces

The left can't stand aside from the fight for the immediate demands of our class and people.

BY:Cameron Orr|November 08, 2016
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Greetings from the Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL) Cyprus

The Central Committee of AKEL is extending its wishes to the Communist Party of USA for a successful and fruitful 30th Convention and sends also warm congratulations for the anniversary of the 95 years of your Party. Your Party has been evolved within one of the main centers of the imperialist new world order and capitalism. The communists of USA for decades have sacrificed their lives for their communist ideals...

Pursuing a progressive agenda in rural and small town Ohio

In a panel discussion, the Ohio District asked, "How can a progressive agenda be pursued and achieved in rural and small town Ohio?”

BY:Anita Waters|December 17, 2020
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Building the party among left and progressive youth

What is to be done? Millennial leftists in NYC can now exist in an ever increasing and dizzying array and calendar of Socialist events, educationals, talks, teach ins, speeches, social events and parties. What the Communist Party USA has that no other organization on the left in the US has today is the organization, the knowhow, and the history to translate these absolutely radical and revolutionary generational trends...

BY:Ben Bath|May 16, 2019
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