Convention Discussion: Summary of North Texas club discussion on Party Building

BY: North Texas Club, CPUSA| May 16, 2010

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This is a summary of discussion held by the North Texas on the document “New Opportunities to Grow the Communist Party”

One of the members presented a summary of the document “New Opportunities to Grow the Communist Party.  The following are comments from the following discussion:

“There are a handful of people who would find the Party ideas interesting, but as for getting real honest dues paying members eludes me…”

“We (the club) are involved in mass movements and coalitions, but haven’t been able to figure out how to bring people in.”

“Are we not bringing socialism into the conversation enough?”

“Anybody who parrots Lenin today is not a Leninist, because no one has been as open to change as Lenin.”

“When Lenin argued for his party to have a newspaper, that was new technology in his day.”

“The Bolshevik Party’s demands were ‘State Power and Electrification’ – they wanted the whole country to get electricity (new technology of their day).”

“The Party’s ideology has helped make us more effective in the mass movement by using Marxist/Leninst theories in practice.”

“Not sure we are ready for mass growth – what would we do if we did get 100 new members?”

“Proud of our Party for having the right line – maybe can be organized better.”

“Our ideology is right – we are not wrong ideologically Need to take into account that unions are having trouble organizing.  Peace, civil rights organizations are also not growing.”

“People are not breaking down the doors to join the Party.”

“Proud to be member of this club because of our work in education – specifically around webinars.”

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