International Greetings: Communist Party of Australia

BY: Communist Party of Australia| June 4, 2010

Dear Comrades,

We are pleased to send you our warmest fraternal greetings and solidarity on the occasion of your 29th Convention and the 90th anniversary of your Party.

As you say in your documents, your Convention takes place at what has the potential to be a turning point in the history of your nation. Whether or not that turning point is reached, and the hopes of the 2008 elections are fulfilled, will depend on the building of a broad progressive labor-led democratic movement able to defeat Republican obstructionism and the far-right forces of reaction.

The CPUSA, which is in the heart of capitalism, has particularly tough job to foster the necessary broad united action. We appreciate the complexity of what you face and admire your grit and determination.

Your leadership in anti-war struggles is very close to our hearts. With Australian troops in Afghanistan and a close alliance with the USA, we share your concerns. Anti-war campaigning has reached a point where 60% of the Australian people now oppose the war in Afghanistan. We are confident that your and our campaigns, along with all the other anti-war forces around the world, will eventually force imperialism to abandon this war and military occupation too.

We have taken a particular interest in the struggle of the Chamorro people of Guahan (Guam), where preparations are being made for the US to attack China. The indigenous people are fighting for their independence and against the huge US military buildup which will occupy over one third of this Pacific island and swamp their traditional culture and language.

As you point out, a country with good jobs, shelter and security from racism and hunger will not be a country wanting to wage war at the behest of capitalism.  Rather it will be a country on the path to peace and socialism.

Much success and a feeling of a job well done is what we wish for all the Convention participants, ready to take on the struggles that your collective debates decide on.

With revolutionary greetings and in solidarity,


Dr. Hannah Middleton
General Secretary
Communist Party of Australia


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