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Jul 2018


1:00 PM

An examination of the Marxist theory of the state

Online/Phone Only United States

This web seminar on the Marxist Theory of the State will discuss the state and its contradictions, as a coercive apparatus, as a legitimizing construct, and as an arena of democratic struggle. We will look at the potential of a peaceful path to socialism and the source of violence in most revolutions.  You can register here. Facilitator: Marc Brodine

Aug 2018


8:00 PM

China: Trade wars and the challenges to building socialism

Online/Phone Only United States

John Bachtell will share impressions from the visit by our Communist Party USA delegation to Shenzhen, Beijing, and Anhui province. John will address the implications of Trump's trade war, China's new economic and social reforms, foreign policy, and building an ecological civilization.  Click here to register.  

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