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Apr 2018


8:00 PM

Lenin’s State and Revolution today

Online/Phone Only United States

You can register for this class here. The webinar will begin at 8:00 PM EDT; 7:00 Central; 5:00 Pacific.   The overall goal of this class is to encourage thinking about what socialism in the US might look like. Lenin’s State and Revolution has long been a guide to Marxist discussion of a socialist state. We’re going to look into this text and see what it has to say to us today. We’ll start with a review of the key…

May 2018


8:00 PM

Marx and Engels on the American Civil War

Online/Phone Only United States

Click here to register. Andrew Zimmerman will discuss the writings of Marx and Engels on the American Civil War, emphasizing the importance of these writings for thinking about race, class, and revolution today. The American Civil War so profoundly shaped Marx and Engels's understanding of social revolution and international politics that it marks a watershed in the history of communism as much as it does in the history of the United States. Andrew Zimmerman will lead a discussion emphasizing the relevance of both Marxism…

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