Action Alert for Peace and Economic Justice #2

Action Alert for Peace and Economic Justice #2 October 10, 2001

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War Will Not End Terrorism

New York City - The Bush Administration's decision to bomb Afghanistan is not a solution to the terrible events of September 11th, and will neither end terrorism nor bring those responsible to justice.

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TO: All clubs and districts FR: National Organization Department

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Yet Peace and Justice Must Prevail

September 19—A sea change has occurred in our nation's life. The terrorist attack on September 11 has shaken all of us. Few things will be the same.

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Another Side of Our National Emergency - The Economic Crisis

September 25—The US economy was already suffering record job loss before the terrible events of September 11. In August the AFL-CIO estimated that 800,000 manufacturing jobs had been lost in the current economic downturn for the working class that was already a deep recession.

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The Looming War Danger

September 27—Over two weeks have passed since our nation was attacked on its own soil by fanatical terrorists for the first time since 1812, and 7000 unsuspecting people senselessly lost their lives. Since then shock waves of fear, anger, and concern about the future have spread across our land.

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