Do you want to stop right wing attacks on living standards? Check out the Communist Party USA!

BY:Rick Nagin| December 19, 2014
Do you want to stop right wing attacks on living standards? Check out the Communist Party USA!

Do you want to stop right wing attacks on living standards and democratic rights? Are you interested in socialism? Click here  to checkout the Communist Party USA!

The Communist Party is dedicated to building a broad democratic movement against right wing extremism in both the electoral-legislative arena and through progressive grass roots movements.  

We have a 95-year history, with deep roots in labor and the progressive struggles of the American working class and people; we believe that defeating the ultra-right will clear the path for more fundamental change. 

Our goal is a modern 21st century socialist society that

  •  puts people and nature before profits, 

  •  defends and extends the Bill of Rights, 

  •  promotes the full and free development of individuals and 

  •  is based on the needs of the American people for jobs,
economic security, equal rights, a clean, safe environment and peace.

If you wish to be active in the movement for social justice, we invite you to check us out.

How to Defend Our Living Standards and Democratic Rights

The Communist Party calls for building a broad democratic movement to block the right wing extremist danger and lay the basis for a modern democratic socialist society.  Based on the current balance of forces and political situation in our country, here is our approach to achieving these goals.

American capitalism is a system in which the unprecedented wealth created by the most productive work force in world history is  appropriated to an ever growing degree by an ever diminishing number of corporate billionaires.  This system of extreme and intolerable exploitation is driven by the corporate need for maximum immediate private profits, a need stemming from the dog-eat-dog competition between the billionaires. The reckless drive for maximum private profits is destroying the environmental conditions for the survival of the human species.  It has also led to an unprecedented right wing movement for austerity and class warfare to force living standards of working families down to the bare minimum and to limit the democratic and political rights of the people, in blatant contradiction to Abraham Lincoln’s vision of “government of the people, by the people and for the people.” 

The Electoral Arena   

Not all billionaires support the extremist agenda.  An important minority, including high profile investors like  George Soros and Warren Buffet, believe that concessions to working people, both economic and political, must be made to preserve class peace and prevent a fundamental challenge to the entire system of exploitation.  This division among the billionaires is reflected in  the two main political parties, both of which defend capitalism, but have fundamentally different policies.  The Republicans have been almost entirely taken over by the extremists, especially at the state and federal levels, while the Democrats, whose leaders have strong ties to Wall St. finance, rely on labor and its allies for funds, volunteers and votes and generally reflect the demands of this base for decent living standards, social equality and political rights.

 At one time it was possible to argue that the Democrats may be better than the Republicans, but there was really no important difference.  After the election of Ronald Reagan and his declaration of war on unions, progressive income taxes and all the social gains of the 1930’s and 1960’s, it became harder to defend that position and today it is completely untenable.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was right when he said the Republicans  are “addicted to Koch.”  Charles and David Koch (pronounced ‘Coke’) are described in the media as “conservative,” but, other than their personal wealth and power, they are not trying to conserve anything.  They are fascist-minded individuals intent on using their vast financial resources and organizational network to destroy the living standards and  rights of the American people.  The truth is, they fear and hate Abraham Lincoln’s vision of democratic government. They and a small group of other extremist billionaires control major media outlets, the Tea Party movement, right wing lobby groups and the Republican Party.  Together this alliance works relentlessly to weaken and dismantle all democratic institutions, especially unions and public education, as well as voting rights, women’s rights, immigrant and gay people’s rights and the right of all people to a safe and healthy environment. It seeks to unleash a regime of naked class warfare against the working people.

We have differences with the Democrats, especially in areas of foreign and military policy, and cannot endorse or vouch for their candidates. We do not agree with their defense of the capitalist system, but, despite simmering discontent, our country is far from being in a revolutionary situation and the immediate issue before the American people is not whether we will have socialism; it’s whether we will have democracy.  It is hard to imagine how the working class and people can defeat corporate power generally if we cannot defeat its extreme right wing section.  In this fight the two parties are on opposite sides and, no matter how weak, imperfect and unreliable some Democrats may be, like it or not, they are essential allies in this life or death struggle. There are certainly important class contradictions within the Democratic Party and we support efforts to strengthen the progressive working-class forces in that Party, but we must recognize that, for the time being, there is no other political organization capable of defeating the GOP in the decisive electoral and legislative arenas. 

 This means that so long as democracy is preserved, fundamental policy questions will depend critically on the outcome of elections.  The right wing extremists work endlessly to limit access to voting and to discourage involvement in this arena by flooding the media with negative attack ads and claims  that all “politicians” and “government” in general are hopelessly corrupt and are the source of the problems people face.  They are aided in this by some religious and ultra-left political sects and individuals who discourage involvement in the electoral-legislative arena and downplay the conflict between the two main parties.  Despite all this, there is growing public understanding of the need to participate, at least to register and vote, with the result that voter turn out has grown and the fierce and massively funded efforts by the right wing and the ideological attacks by sectarian forces were unable to prevent the re-election of President Barack Obama. 

For the foreseeable future, elections will continue to be the main arena of the class struggle in the United States.  That is where the main resources of the contending classes are deployed, the greatest number of people are mobilized both as voters and campaign workers, and where ultimately the issue of power is decided. 

Grassroots Movements and the Fight for Unity

Non-electoral, grassroots movements on a wide range of issues are growing and gaining importance in molding the political climate and mass thought patterns in a more progressive direction. They lay the basis for the decisions of voters on election day.  

Right wing grassroots movements have not caught on to the same degree, despite massive funding by extremist billionaires and continual incitement from extremist media, think tanks, religious and other ideological forces. At some point they could pose a real threat to democracy because they are heavily armed and prone to violence and domestic terrorism. But at the present time, although their importance is often magnified and exaggerated by the corporate media,  their views and tactics are rejected by the overwhelming majority of the people and they are dwarfed in size by the progressive mass movements in the areas of labor, civil rights, immigration, the environmental crisis, anti-gun violence, democratic rights for women, the LGBT community and other groups facing discrimination. 

The challenge for these disparate progressive movements is to recognize that they all confront a common enemy in the form of right wing extremism, that they need to support each others’ demands to weaken that enemy and can only ultimately disempower and defeat the right wing if they unite and
mobilize their forces in all aspects of the mass movement, especially in  the electoral arena.

The right makes every effort  to prevent such unity, the chief weapon being racism, which is at the heart of all right wing politics. The right wing attacks on “government”, public employee unions, increases in the minimum wage, public education, voting and civil rights and Medicaid are directed first and foremost at African Americans, Hispanics and other people of color.  Right wing propaganda, both overt and covert, seeks to convince the white majority that these democratic institutions and rights primarily exist to serve the minority populations at the expense of the white majority.  According to this mindset, African Americans and other people of color are inherently dependent, lazy and criminally inclined. Such racist views are at the core of the beliefs of the right wing gun fanatics and vigilante groups who believe they are preparing for a “race war” or an anti-government insurrection.  Unfortunately,these views are also widespread in local police departments throughout the country, which are prone to act like an occupying army and feel justified in using violent force, including lethal force, against civilians, especially young Black men, who in any way seem to challenge their authority.  

Thus, labor and all progressive forces, not only for moral reasons, but also if there is any hope of defeating the right, must vigorously reject racism and support demands for full minority representation and equal rights in every situation. In similar ways, the right employs other tactics, including male supremacy, homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, red-baiting and anti-Semitism in its drive against democratic unity.  It is no exaggeration to say that the GOP has become the party of bigotry and an organized conspiracy against American democracy. 

The Republican Party faces growing isolation, scandal and internal fracturing.  With mass support  declining, it increasingly depends on gross violations of democratic norms and practices to elect candidates and block progressive legislation.  These include voter suppression, gerrymandering, massive infusion of funds from extremist billionaires, reckless filibustering, shutting down the federal government and threatening to destroy its credit worthiness. 

But the patience of the American people has grown thin. The popular uprisings in response to the incidents of racist police violence, the national march against the climate crisis and the nationwide strike movement of low wage workers all reflect that people are ready to take part in mass grassroots democratic movements.

“Something is brewing in the United States,” says AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka.  “There is a pent up populism, a pent up hunger for a better life.”  Rev. William Barber, who has led marches of thousands against voter suppression and other issues in North Carolina, calls it a “moral fusion movement” merging all aspects of the fight of right wing extremism.

The Special Role of Communists

The Communist Party is a critical part of the emerging democratic majority.  We are actively involved in the electoral arena, in the labor movement and every other grassroots movement to defend  the living standards and democratic rights of the American people.  We work to strengthen and unite those movements with the aim of weakening and defeating right wing extremism.  At the same time we seek to build a movement and popularize a vision for  “Bill of  Rights” socialism where working people and their allies can replace private corporate power as the main influence in American society.

 We have no blueprint, but believe that a humane 21st century society can emerge from  the needs, struggles and democratic traditions of the American  working class and people and from the urgent need to preserve  the environment for future generations.  Numerous polls show substantial and growing support for socialism. They reflect the widespread anger over the economic crisis and the extreme and growing disparities in wealth and income.  They also reflect revulsion at systemic racism and bigotry, the fading influence of Cold War anti-Communist propaganda and the right wing use of “socialism” to describe everything the American people want and need, whether it is healthcare, public education, federal jobs programs, regulating corporate recklessness or fair wages and taxes. The 2011 Pew poll showed that majorities of major demographics, including African Americans, young people and liberal Democrats, have a positive attitude toward socialism and a negative attitude toward capitalism.

If you share this general outlook, we invite you to join us.  We urge you to check out the Communist Party USA website – for more information, weekly alerts and to join:, and that of our online publication, People’s World – daily online progressive news and analysis: We urge high school and college students to check out the website of the Young Communist League: Those interested in discussions of Marxist theory may be interested in the website of Political Affairs:



    Rick Nagin, Ohio correspondent for the People's World, has written for the paper and its predecessors since 1970. He has been active for many years in Cleveland politics and the labor movement.

    He helped elect Cleveland's first Hispanic city councilman and served as his Executive Assistant for over seven years. Rick has run for public office a number of times and received 45 percent of the vote in a race for City Council in 2009.  He is the Democratic Leader in Cleveland Ward 14 and serves on the County Democratic Party Executive Committee.

    A member of The Newspaper Guild, Communications Workers of America, he is a delegate to the North Shore AFL-CIO Federation of Labor and serves on its Political Coordinators and Labor Day Parade committees. He is on the Executive Board of the Greater Cleveland Labor Council for Latin American Advancement and represents the People's World on the steering committee of Cleveland Jobs With Justice.




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Gary Cook | July 25, 2015 at 10:01 PM

Communism has never, in world history, been successful. It has always collapsed in on itself because its “take-from-the-rich and give-to-the-poor” programs have been unsustainable. How is Communism in the U.S. going to work, when it never has before?

Ron McMullen | June 28, 2015 at 3:06 AM

Islamophobia is not a right wing attempt to divide the people. Islam itself is very conservative on women’s rights, gay rights, and separation of church and state.
The Kurdish Communists are fighting a brave battle against the Islamic State, which they consider to be an
abomination because it commits horrible crimes against
humanity – all in the name of heaven.

Ron McMullen | June 28, 2015 at 3:03 AM

Islamophobia is not a right wing attempt to divide the people. Islam itself is very conservative on women’s rights, gay rights, and separation of church and state.
The Kurdish Communists are fighting a brave battle against the Islamic State, which they consider to be an
abomination because it commits horrible crimes against
humanity – all in the name of heaven.

Ron McMullen | June 28, 2015 at 2:57 AM

Islamophobia is not a right wing strategy to divide the people. Islam itself is very Conservative on women’s rights, LGBT rights, and separation of church and state.
The Kurdish Communists are fighting bravely against the Islamic State, which has committed terrible crimes against humanity – all in the name of heaven!

Michael VanBrocklin | May 04, 2015 at 8:14 AM

Rick suggests in one of his comments that the Party must realistically work to strengthen the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. This idea, were it to work, is similar to the manner in which the Tea Party has heavily influenced the Republicans and become identified with their brand. Is it possible that throwing some weight behind Bernie Sanders could possibly advance the goals of the working class (at least in terms of the Democratic platform, should Hillary Clinton get the nomination)??

Castro | May 03, 2015 at 1:25 PM

Capitalism defeated communism is the shit with products manufactured in China or in other countries either settlers or scialiset or communist capitalism.
Capitalism has nothing produces nothing false abnii just give everything in capitalist countries communist or socialist countries comes from.
Capitalism is not a lie, an illusion does not work if all citizens in capitalist countries understand something simple that only united will prevail and that employers exploit them while they are having fun on vacations and have 200% profit while you’re paying 1%, and do 99% and tax evasion while you pay it.

Castro | May 03, 2015 at 1:15 PM

Capitalists home country they have not only tax havens are those of their countries. They strengthen people to racial hatred and territorial nationalism and they are actually some stateless. The majority of capitalists have money hidden in tax havens and each have 20 nationalities and have business in over 300 countries, are related to, friends with other capitalist countries from 300 1000 nationalities, what kind of patriot or nationalist be? To remember my words. Girl racist ascud well and uses a mask while rasismuli countries and nations is killing out of racist motives capitalists profit from these wars, racial and territorial conflict any means for capitalist profit, so they often generate sponsoring various factions and then buy all the chaos after almost free and then sells to over price plus speculate on the stock market by eliminating some countries.

Castro | May 03, 2015 at 1:07 PM

What I do not understand most people in developed countries as their hatred and indifference to Africa and South America Asia returns like a boomerang against them. I mean, if those who are retired from the EU would go even in North Africa would civilize and develop northern AFRC and the Middle East, 20% are illiterate in these countries. Then you creeste standard of living to 120% in 10 years, putting 20 billion industrialist investor will have to give them double salary, putting you ahead of the US and EU threatened workers that moves in Asia or South America Africa will lick bot due to voluntary retirement as the US and EU education reached 100% in these countries and country sia modernized infrastructure and claim 80% salary doubled. Where he is forced to stop stealing so much and has no solution. If I am going for two years many pensioners 100,000-developed countries north africa, mexico, asia. Fication country Vori be double living standards and labor as such will require double salari Thus billionaire merchant will not steal much. How to steal straw africa north america south asia items is $ 1 and sold in the US and the EU $ 30 $ 2 price is honest and income taxes Transportation remaining $ 27 is theft.

Castro | May 03, 2015 at 12:57 PM

Liberal parties, Democratic, Conservative, Socialist, Republican.
Today most are just right.
Hitler’s Nazi partition called national capital, so by name erea erea miss prosigns socialist Nazi Germans lie to be equal sary not only a lie but he exterminated 30 million Germans in the war and that means 59% and between rich population have died than 10,000 of 1 million ie 0.01%.
Hitler won the electoral campaign and managed to take down massive Caizar sponsored ffind bankers, industrialists, oil industry and Ford-developed countries inspections Nordic UK and USA.

Purpose extermination of 50% of world population and the destruction of communism.

Thus they remain with wealth and land from people and ii sclavagizeze dinou people barely passed 40 years of the abolition of slavery internationally, monarchs had fallen 50% and 50% of people not coming to church and not contributors church ii sary afraid bankrupt and can no longer allow priests organs luxuries and sex with minors and diamonds. It is hoped a return to slavery religion and monarchy.

Today the majority of parties have names of freedom advance socialism democracy but actually they are hidden from Nazi Nazism although if you read statement communist and socialist documenteel status seem all but abolished virtually all of them and destroyed everything and protects the other hand the bank and multinational, well they are not all type of communism and socialism if there is still no freedom reigns commercial bank and multinational monopoly, only that communism is actually capitalism pure Nazism is a cruel slave owner over a country of dictatorship. Multinational and Bank dictatorship over the planet as they schimpa politicians ii asasineraza and Kenedy.

These first 30,000 people in the world have personal wealth wealth as a country medi budget that is $ 800 million. and receive 300 have wealth 1,000 times higher as the US budget.

Castro | May 03, 2015 at 12:39 PM

Democracy is not freedom. It is wrong republic is freedom.
To understand democracy in Greece represent only rich class that is local barons and kings were about 20 Greek kings. Ininciuncaz and mogati small and lower middle class and slaves nor women.
Democracy means 51% of votes from individuals with a right to vote infractor without 5%, 5% disabled, 25% juveniles, in total without 35% of the vote which is not present on average than 65% of the voting so the 5% rate oddball anyway without good look at random and without knowing anything Row candidates so only 30% of the total population that voted and had a clear idea of ​​which in parts 2 or 3 candidates get the 13% about winner has to others in two, if only two have 20% but artificial least 20 people with us as it seems natural options, just say well what freedom is just apples and oranges and other fruits not altio candidates to say that 50 is too many but up to 40 percent more this means republic not a democracy no longer understand each other and if they already speak two candidates Clinton Bush clan dictatorship 26 years have governed USA. Republic means that people have gradually from 14 years to vote and be considered mature in the US and worldwide civilized mind although children over 14 years you work fined prison for serious and very serious juvenile prisons drogeaza drink smokes sex abducted sold but can not vote, and the prisoners as they are not people they have no rights. There are countries where advanced to 16 years are considered major Canada, France, Austria etc. Until 1940 in the US america they married and family doing majors to 16 years to 16 years munceu only legally now as illegal. If the age of 14 are entitled to vote then 5% have more real vote and 80 million in the USA, these may change your vote will mean that old experience about young fools are conservative and if you do not forgive never lied IAI as you wanted Clinton Bush clan with dictatorship 26 years two mandates one senior Bush junior mandate bush 1 seat 2 seats Clinton Secretary of State Hilari Clinton. I do not see the difference between them and the world dicataturile africa inspections and monarchs that are dictatorships in 400-500 years. The Church is always the fucking dicatatur instigate people are omaoare as funcatie team football and club patrons back and laugh as they sell matches a profit, church brought most wars in the world, the biggest enemy of communism and socialism 1.biserica, 2.monarhia 3. dictatorship 4. Capitalism, tax 5.Paradisele Vatican, Sant Marino, Monaco, Andorra, etc. These are the pillars fundmentalismului inspections dictatorship monarchy church tax havens finatiaza terrorism and indoctrinate hatred and racism. Church and monarchy and dicatatura SiO tax havens biggest swindle sell illusion and are funded by governments and Ministries of Interior police and secret services as they receive more money and goods become more violent and abusive both fundamentalist and racist, as you will be minimized or prohibited will be peace in the world. In USA from 1780 to 1980 mafia iataliana terrorized others all nationalities USA and the planet and only 40 mobs sentenced to death and executed only 10 remaining 400 viasta prison and the remaining 1 million between 1 and 10 years old but 1 million terorsit ereau mobs 200 years of governmental terrorism and nobody did anything against their petty thieves received 20 years for any crime and mobs averaged just 1 year. Mafia has police management structure of governmental terrorism judges secret services abncii church corrupt politicians all of whom are head we see are just the facade. They are true mobs car shows only the soldiers but their mafia street they sit back and they drive millions of crimes. For 4,000 US dead in four years ie 1000 deaths per year from the US government terrorists terrorize us Schema on mobs that kills 1,000 people-odd zililnic sees it sounds odd in the US government called terrorist mafia kills 365,000 people per year Government sees odd and odd sounds and deals only 15 Arab terrorists who kill only 1,000 people a year and those trained by the CIA and Afghan alquaida and SIS. And as damages in the US mafia stealing 4,000 billion annually and 40 billion annually just terrorists. And eventually FIATA terrorists is expensive and this cost must be well trained and brightest mafia no church bank and their sponsoring governments and CIA just money for the fight against terrorism taxes paradoxically even governments have hundreds of thousands of small armed terrorist groups 100 to to even 1 million of NATO as alquida sponosrizata sponsored and trained public money. Democracy means only 35% of residents republic means and those who vote in general 14 and goes republic than monarchy abolished slavery and churches and tax havens that do not vote and capitalism and democracy 51% in genral in republic ApoB is the absolute majors or celputin 2/3 ie 66%. Republic means each matter, however, and your opinion is important and demopcratia mean we do not care and the other 51% remaining exterminate them, then civil republic constitution and criminal law etc. are voted by the people trading as Switzerland if you want to see a Repubic how civilized republic not a democracy than Switzerland in switzerland weekly rate is close to any law per piece or package of all the people not only of politicians and law-abiding first bill then oniline law published in final form and then man a yes or no vote, plus internet poll is made and if people do not read 100,000 minimum 3 months, do not make minimum 50,000 yes, internet surveys out to no longer be a change to either make vote another or quit then again online survey, plus Switzerland has voting online from home. This is called civilization. In the USA 90% of the planet sin in many laws after they were passed by parliament and only then everything is public and secretly loosely dictatorship and barbarism involution.

Please publish this article as a parody he is not the prosigns realiatea government and media telling us that all is well to stay calm and that only they are right and that we all are terrorist. We live stream Paradoxiqal when terrorist and bandits and robbers lie in government and censors are those who tell the truth are terrorist. Violation of arrest and search without a warrant correspondence or reason and real samples terrorism is terrorism of any city is terrorist law and the state can make laws ereau abuses until now but not accurate if the real reason she aveu abuses save it now with any policeman can ever law persecute track to beat you to death without any evidence warrant without any legal basis, it is not always a novelty but police did abuse the edge of the law or incalcando and as usual these mobs have escaped political police uniforms instead now they have no fear shoot people without reason or no reason beats and you laugh warrant against the country sputum and clear that antiterrorist law protects it well is two categories of saints and other people join us we can not slaves to rape mail his arrest? Staffing in the police and government in a democracy the corrupt capitalism is not on merit relatives relationship Friendship police 99% of primary judges do not know the law, and are illiterate and 99% of diplomas are given on corruption relati friends.
Please publish this article as a parody he is not the prosigns realiatea government and media telling us that all is well to stay calm and that only they are right and that we all are terrorist. We live stream Paradoxiqal when terrorist and bandits and robbers lie in government and censors are those who tell the truth are terrorist. Violation of arrest and search without a warrant correspondence or reason and real samples terrorism is terrorism of any city is terrorist law and the state can make laws ereau abuses until now but not accurate if the real reason she aveu abuses save it now with any policeman can ever law persecute track to beat you to death without any evidence warrant without any legal basis, it is not always a novelty but police did abuse the edge of the law or incalcando and as usual these mobs have escaped political police uniforms instead now they have no fear shoot people without reason or no reason beats and you laugh warrant against the country sputum and clear that antiterrorist law protects it well is two categories of saints and other people join us we can not slaves to rape mail his arrest? Staffing in the police and government in a democracy the corrupt capitalism is not on merit relatives relationship Friendship police 99% of primary judges do not know the law, and are illiterate and 99% of diplomas are given on corruption relati friends. Police and government privatized are kind of small armies of personal Mayor of politicians who only protects them and protects them and protects wealth and business mafia groups and bat kills and terrorizes the population ie they pay 90% of salary.

Question | May 01, 2015 at 5:59 PM

I support the CPUSA, and know that Communism is a Utopia, but it is easily corruptable. People like Stalin or Mao Tarnish it’s name. How will you stop this? And another Question: Is there a YCPUSA? (Young Communist Party USA) THe Youth must be informed, and raised with the knowledge of Communism. Will Our glory live in the memories of nations?

Fight on, Comrades! Revolution forever, we will see it one day yet!!!!

germán | April 26, 2015 at 6:18 PM

The triumph of the revolution in the United States shall be the triumph of the revolution in Latin América, because the USA capitalism subdues, from a century ago, the development of Latin América

Carter | April 13, 2015 at 1:10 AM

This is very interesting to me, but I also fall into the area where if there is a change to be brought to this country it, should be as non-violent as possible. If you have to inforce your ideals by violence then your ideals were worthless to begin with. That being said, i believe full heartedly that capitalism shall fall or at least give way to benefit society and respect individuals more the public just needs to become more aware and realize that they have the power not the corporations or the head of state.

john smith | March 30, 2015 at 9:10 AM
take the major corporations of the public consumable products off the stock market and produce here in America to use the profits to provide for healthcare cost and elderly retirement payment of social security plan instead of being for a gambling game for the rich.

john smith | March 30, 2015 at 3:43 AM

Socialist society still allows for ownership of private property.
communist society, private property is possessed and belongs to the state. Communism is responsible for the rapid pace of production speedup forced on america since the opening relation with Russia in 1970 and the destruction of job in america since having to compete with Communist China since 1980.

Romney Mesquita | February 27, 2015 at 6:17 AM

Boa sorte a luta dos camradas norte-americanos.

Willfher Sanchez | February 10, 2015 at 6:13 PM

This is quite interesting I myself am a socialist liberal I do believe in many things this article stats and I do believe we as a country must progress to make the lives of our people better.

Jacob Crippes | February 09, 2015 at 11:43 AM

Hey, I love communism! I go to the U.S. Naval Academy! A see the U.S. as an emerging communist nation. Join the revolution fellow comrades! ~ “Communism, Atheism, Free Love!” RAH <3

Adolf Hitler | February 07, 2015 at 9:34 AM

What do you think, jewish communist gulags were ?…Communist social clubs?….The people of the USA still have guns bitches ……..not in your life time fool

Bruce Parker | February 01, 2015 at 6:03 PM

You don’t have the ball’s to let be post anything that dosen’t follow in your agenda’s footsteps. How’s that advancement of the common man/family in Communist Cuba? Their still driving 1950 Ford’s and Buick’s. Have you ever seen people streaming the Gulf to get to Cuba? You want a War here? You’ll get one, Good luck with that. There’s NO WAY I or my family will live willing under Communist Rule. GOT BALL’S? POST THIS.
“SEND THUG’S WE’LL SEND SLUG’S” That’s a Promise.

Lorenzo VanOordt | January 30, 2015 at 12:21 AM

I honestly thin you guys have to be cracked out to think government makes for a better world, let alone communist world. If you feel like contacting me here is my email( sorry for it not being from

Richard | January 26, 2015 at 10:33 PM

It seems to me that the Common-ist Party could be a good way to go, But they need to define themselfs in detail! we currently have 2 leading parties that will tell us what we want to hear and promise everything and anything AND deliver NOTHING same old same old, i read here Please tell me if i am wrong, Does the CPUSA also believe that we are in a control able situation with global warming? if so please tell me where did all the green house gases come from that caused the recession of the glaciers that once covered the united states and canada was it from all the camp fires the cavemen used to cook with? or was it from all the coal and gas pollutants from there autos? Or maybe it was from them blasting rockets into outer space burning a huge hole in the earths protective shield? May i suggest a bit of common sense? Now trust me nobody will get rich using common sense, but is it possible that current global warming is a natural cause the same as it was in the past during removal of the glaciers? truth be told you cant tax the truth to enrich your political party, Hitler wrote that 90% of the people will read something and go with it as sheep blindly following the fool in the lead, 5% will think about and say oh well what can I do about it, and the other 3 to 5% will read it, think about it, research it, and form their own opinion! only 3 to 5% really???? and what % do you fall into? Look we are following our fearless leaders that have been skating on mommies and daddies money long enough their only purpose is at all cost to enrich themselves and until we do something about that nothing will change, Take the Crimea for example ,,,, and for those that do not know what or where the Crimea is Please do mankind a favor and KILL yourself! Is it possible for anyone to understand that Mr Vladimir Putin saved the world from a NUKE War….. think about it for only a second if you were Russias Fearless Leader would you have allowed Your only Year Round Open Water Sea Port to fall into the hands of the west? For me it is amazing that our fearless leaders do not foresee this problem while they were playing there games in a country they have no business interfering with, its not like we dont have any problems here at home that could use the money they now give to the Mafia Based leaders of Ukraine, think of all the money we are wasting in electicity bills powering the printing presses to make all that money to be only given away to the Russian Mafia, Yea the CPUSA needs to define themselves PROPERLY if i want empty promises empty words all i gotta do is get cable and watch the propaganda machine work at its best!

KK Singh | January 24, 2015 at 1:54 AM

Why are stopping at people’s democratic rights and improving their well being and not moving up to communist society for common ownership of social wealth, class less and exploitation less society?

Kelvin Rodriguez | January 22, 2015 at 9:21 AM

As i agree with most of the arguments here, the only thing that i can consider doing differently is the militant style course. It would be better to change the people not by force but with heart. Once the people see whats really going on, the capitalist who tarnish and down all lower classes will fall by their own greed. mass working strikes against huge corporations would be more effective then riots and fighting. Along these thoughts i do agree change must happen but i see it happening with a different lens, please try to comprehend comrades. Thank you

Rainerio Tayco/socialistlawyer/ | January 11, 2015 at 11:11 AM

Ingrained in the minds of the bourgeoisie ideologues in the common workplace is the belief that it is divided ‘between the Left and Right co-workers’ and that ‘the Left should have to be weeded out’ for what they call ‘uncalled for attitudes in the workplace’. To the last poster, how can we make life better for ourselves when we have to be identified and discriminated? I work 12-14 hours a day. Although a committed Leftist, I don’t discuss politics in the workplace. Yes, my life turned for the better because of the number of hours I contributed but to make life harder for me in the workplace because of my political beliefs is not only unjust. It is unbearable. I was made to carry 70 kilograms of boxes of paper, carried up to a 20 step ladder with the possibility of falling and suffering fractures and dislocations because of right wing skinheads like a certain Michael Roche and another Robert Skyrynak who are professed Chinese and Russian spies. (They have no qualms telling them in private to me because they know I can be fired anytime). How can you?

Walter Lawrence | January 11, 2015 at 10:33 AM

I have long thought that Communism is the ideology of those who are unwilling to work to better themselves. It takes hard work and a long term vision to make your life better than the one your parents lived, and I, for one, have done just that…making my wife’s life and the lives of our children better in the process. The problem today is that people want much but seem unwilling to do what it takes to get there. The only way that individuals can better themselves is to have a vision for the future and them strive toward that goal.

John Milam | January 06, 2015 at 9:04 PM

One further comment – The fact that CPUSA members can and do engage in such vigorous debates only shows how democratic our party really is. Our Party’s history shows that its positions do change as conditions change and a position raised now, which doesn’t quite fit the time, might be our position tomorrow.

John Milam | January 06, 2015 at 8:47 PM

The comments seem to have gotten off the topic of the article and the recruiting pamphlet that Comrade Nagin prepared. We need a recruiting piece that can be easily reproduced and handed out at events and to prospective new CPUSA members. Perhaps Rick’s pamphlet is not perfect — nothing ever is — but it’s the best that we have and Rick did a damn good job putting it together.

There were a couple of points raised in the debate that concerned me: 1) supporting candidates of Capitalist Party B and 2) that we may be better off if fascists do win because it will serve to enlighten the American masses.

1) I too would like to take a more militant course than the one we’re on but where are the masses that are ready to seize power from the capitalists? Can we count on the army and police, in a moment of sudden class consciousness, to their guns away from us and on their capitalist masters? Lenin knew that, when our enemies have most of the bullets, we must often resort to ballots.

2) Living under fascism might indeed wake up many of the people — probably after it’s too late. Before we wish too hard to see the Tea Bagger supporters learn their lesson the hard way, maybe we should remember what the extreme right did in Italy, Germany, Spain, etc. They not only killed communists but also other progressives and trade unionists.

If none of those arguments are sufficiently compelling, we CPUSA members should remember the principle of democratic centralism and party discipline behooves us to support the positions that the Party has taken.

Rick Nagin | January 06, 2015 at 10:50 AM

It is immoral and unacceptable for anyone, who has plenty to eat, especially anyone calling themselves a communist, to say that “people need to get hungrier.” There is also no shred of evidence that the idea of “the worse, the better” — an old Trotskyite chestnut– has any validity. When things keep getting worse, people feel more powerless, lose confidence they can change anything, become demoralized, inactive, turn to religion for solace etc. When things get really bad, as under slavery or fascism, it has taken outside force to end the oppression.
This idea is also a cop out, a no-struggle position, givinging radicals an excuse to drop out of the immediate struggles, sit in their all-knowing arm chairs and wait for the people to “wake up.” Ask the Socialist Labor Party (est. 1876) how that’s worked out. Of course, they can also run around in the streets, screaming “Revolution,Revolution,” to wake the slumbering masses, but that doesn’t work either. Unfortunately, there’s no alternative to the path set forth in the Manifesto, the fundamental document of our movement, that the responsibility of Communists is to “fight for the attainment of the immediate interests of the working class,” as identified by the working class itself and including its conscious electoral efforts, as, in that framework alone we also “represent and take care of the future of that movement.”

If the people you know are telling you that communists are a “subset of the Democratic party,” you must be living in a very tiny bubble. For the overwhelming majority, ‘communist” means, at best, someone with left , radical ideas and, at worst, someone who is extremist, unstable, antidemocratic, even terroristic.

in fact, as Marx, Lenin and all true revolutionaries have repeatedly said, the fight to defend and expand democracy is the only way to socialism,certainly the way to the only kind of socialism that we want and would be acceptable to the American people.

We don’t have illusions about the Democratic Party, but we are realists and don’t ignore that we are small and weak and they offer the only possibility of defeating the right wing and preserving or opening up space for more progressive forces to thrive.

Mohammad Akmal | January 06, 2015 at 9:45 AM

Nice to see the activities of the party in USA. Its hard fact in every society that people blood is being sucked by capitalist form of production. Right wing intellectual through out the globe are busy to proof that ideological division that took place on our earth in 1917 has gone. I would like to recommend Communist Party of the USA bring close all the communist movements in the world, by 2017. This would be the message for exploiter that you can crush the flower but can,t stop the spring. I have decided that I will suggest this proposal with all the socialist and communist movements to join hand and make the world free from exploitation.

Paul Perkins | January 05, 2015 at 9:20 AM

Yes Rick, got that point. But Michael, nonetheless, has a point as well. Supporting the Democrats is a contentious position, we all know that, and it should be a contentious position. We’re having the same argument here in Oregon in our organization that’s pushing for single-payer healthcare. Are the Democrats ultimately going to help us get that? Do they really have the interests of the working class at heart?

No they do not. They are just as much in the pockets of the rich as are the Republicans. In their way, they’re worse than Republicans. They may not be overtly attempting to wreck democracy, though I believe even that is open to question, but they will promise working people anything to gain our support and win power – and then not deliver.

How long can the party justify supporting these weasels in the name of ‘defeating the ultra right?’ I know that’s the stance we’ve agreed on for the present, and I understand the reasoning for why we’ve agreed on it. But I also think it’s a sellout. It helps to keep propping up a rotten system that needs to come down, and I believe it harms the credibility of the party.

Upon learning that I’m a communist, I’ve had people ask me, ‘oh, isn’t that just a subset of the Democratic party?’ That conversation is getting old.

Clearly, the ultra right is a grave danger. But have you considered that perhaps that danger needs to flower more strongly to wake up the people to creating real change? You speak of ‘simmering discontent’ and quote Rich Trumka’s statements about ‘something brewing’ in the States, the hunger for a better life. Well, what does it take to have that discontent rise to a level of doing something about the situation?

Does it perhaps entail a worsening of the trouble to the point that the people’s discomfort becomes intolerable? That would, admittedly, not be a happy scenario. It will not be a wonderful development if the fascists succeed in their agenda. But might it not be worth it if the ensuing struggle produces a better society?

Maybe we need to ease up on the idea of ‘defeating right wing extremism.’ Electoral politics change nothing in this country. For there to be a socialist revolution, people need to get hungrier. Not a pretty thought – but maybe a pragmatic one.

ibnu | January 01, 2015 at 1:27 PM

keep this struggle continues hope one daythe world live as one, longlive labours long live people. Viva la revolution

Rick Nagin | December 31, 2014 at 3:59 AM

You don’t believe defeating right wing extremism is one of our goals? We are willing to work with all socialist groups which agree on that. Or do you think that stage can be skipped and that the American people are ready for a socialist revolution?

Here’s an interesting idea you might consider:

“The Communists fight for the attainment of the immediate interests of the working class; but in the movement of the present, they also represent and take care of the future of that movement. In France the Communists ally themselves with the Social-Democrats against the conservative and radical bourgeoisie, reserving, however, the right to take up a critical position in regard to phrases and illusions traditionally handed down from the great Revolution.” Communist Manifesto, Part IV

| December 23, 2014 at 3:09 AM
Michael Giddens | December 22, 2014 at 9:18 PM

I want to stop attacks on living standards by all capitalists! Both the right wing Republicans and the Centrist Democrats are capitalism and capitalist values! We need to stop supporting capitalism by supporting the Democratic Party and we as a Party need to work with other Communist and/or Socialist organizations to achieve our goals!

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