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To defeat imperialism, build a movement for peace

Just as Martin Luther King Jr. and his coalition needed broader allies back then, we need them today

BY:Joe Sims|September 12, 2022
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It's going to take a mass movement

Building the working-class and democratic movements — and building the party — remain key to fighting the fascist danger.

BY:Joe Sims|February 03, 2023
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Excerpts from the Classics: African American Equality and Racism

This subpart of National Oppression presents just a couple quotations from Lenin applying his general theory to the African American people, showing he followed the question and considered it important, his attitude toward the oppression and its solution.

November 15, 2002
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Convention Discussion: New Opportunities to Grow the Communist Party

This document is meant to provide a framework to stimulate discussion and action during the pre-convention period, to help us think boldly and freshly on growing the Party, YCL and People’s World/Mundo Popular, Political Affairs and Dynamic given the changing political landscape.

January 26, 2010
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Vote to Defeat the Right-Wing on Nov.

This report will focus on our three-part strategy in this year's election: to defeat the Republican ultra-right; to build political independence; and to make a turn in the Party so that building the clubs is at the center of our work.

August 06, 2002
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Working Families Shouldn't Pay for Big Business' Crisis

This important observation is timely in many ways for today. As we discuss the crisis at home we have to remember that in today's world, even more than in Marx's day,"poverty and restricted consumption," is a worldwide capitalist system of global proportions. Truly, global capital does now develop "as if only the absolute power of consumption of the entire society (or planet) would be their limit."

September 22, 2001
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"A forthright stand": Communists in the struggle for Black lives

The key to the CPUSA's struggle for Black lives has always been unity.

BY:Tony Pecinovsky|August 10, 2020
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The Trumpist Supreme Court: Off the rails of democracy

The history behind the Court’s blitzkrieg against the people's rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

BY:Norman Markowitz|August 05, 2022
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New struggles on old foundations: the youth question today

An in-depth look at the role of young people and the Young Communist League in the struggle for our future.

BY:Cameron Orr|November 03, 2022
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