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The cost of silencing voices for peace

The repression of the peace movement at home, and U.S. support for Israel's bombing of Gaza, threatens to hand the 2024 elections to the MAGA right.

BY:Taryn Fivek|November 07, 2023
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Ohio CP to state treasurer: disinvest in Israel Bonds

The Ohio CP is demanding the state of Ohio disinvest from the government of Israel.

BY:Ohio District|November 03, 2023
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Marxist IQ: Marxism's continued relevance

What is the relationship between Marxism and the development of U.S. capitalism?

BY:Communist Party USA|October 25, 2023
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Stop the war! End the occupation! Free Palestine!

The CPUSA expresses its growing alarm and concern at the horrific violence in Palestine and Israel over the weekend. We join with the Communist Party of Israel, the Democratic Front for Equality and Peace (Hadash), our fraternal parties in Palestine and other democratic and progressive forces around the world in placing full responsibility on Israel’s government for this weekend’s rapid escalation of military confrontation between Hamas and Israeli forces....

October 08, 2023
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Elon Musk and the fight to X out hate speech

As struggles for equality intensify, fascist rhetoric and violence is also on the rise — aided by social media moguls and GOP contenders alike. How can we best respond?

BY:Taryn Fivek|October 02, 2023
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Good morning, revolution!

UAW strike support, NYC climate marchers struggle for peace, temporary legal status for Venezuelan immigrants, and mailbag.

BY:Communist Party USA|September 22, 2023
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Working-class internationalism must be the answer to war

U.S. imperialism generates multiple crises, posing serious threats to life on the planet. Join the global movement for peace, democracy, and socialism.

BY:Rossana Cambron|September 22, 2023
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International notes: Communists worldwide demand democracy and peace

Communists in Bangladesh and Peru are demanding democratic reforms. In Switzerland and South Africa, they are calling for peace and opposing U.S. interventions.

The laws of fascism's emergence

Fascism is a form of monopoly-capitalist class rule. The fight against it is about building a force that can ultimately transition the democratic struggle into a struggle for working-class power.

BY:Joel Wendland-Liu|September 08, 2023
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For the record: CPUSA statement on Venezuela

The CPUSA supports the unity of the world Communist movement, and of left forces against U.S. imperialism. We do not take sides in disputes between parties building socialism.