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Juneteenth: Celebration of democratic struggle

We must unite all oppressed to defeat today's MAGA neo confederates. The stakes are no less high during the U.S. civil war.

United We Stand to Defeat the MAGA Right!

The battlelines are clear. We are fighting a fascist danger at home and genocide against Gaza abroad. To defeat the danger at home, we’ve got to defeat the war abroad.

Immigration Myths v. Facts: A look behind the anti-immigrant furor

Defeat of the Republican Party at the polls is vital. We need legislators in both houses of Congress willing to pass comprehensive immigration reform and an end to the filibuster.

Behind the ANC's election setback: Was the writing on the wall?

All eyes are on the makeup of the next South African government and what will happen next.

BY:Mark Waller|June 03, 2024
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Organize the unorganized! -- and then keep them active with plans of work!

As Communists, we cannot leave the organization and mobilization to spontaneity and post-hoc analysis of data. We work to make history consciously; we work to progress.

Fundraising, training organizers, & setting goals

Becoming good at organizing takes training, practice, and ongoing assessment and refining. As skilled organizers, we needed training and still need regular re-training and practice.

32nd National Convention CPUSA resolutions

Final resolutions for consideration by the 32nd National Convention, CPUSA

Rising majority of U.S. Jewish community stands for peace

As the Jewish Collective, we proclaim our deep opposition to laws which equate opposing the state or the policies of the state of Israel with anti-semitism.

Time for a new catch-phrase

The term “Bill of Rights Socialism” has been with the CPUSA for approximately three decades now. I argue that it is time to strike “Bill of Rights” from the phrase.

BY:Deb Wilmer|May 27, 2024
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Understanding the rising threat of fascism in the U.S.

Our party should dive into what distinctly separates fascism from neoliberal imperialism and better grasp the concepts of the United Front and People's Front.