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Good morning, revolution!

UAW strike support, NYC climate marchers struggle for peace, temporary legal status for Venezuelan immigrants, and mailbag.

BY:Communist Party USA|September 22, 2023
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Working-class internationalism must be the answer to war

U.S. imperialism is generating multiple crises, posing serious threats to life on the planet. Join the global movement for peace, democracy, and socialism.

BY:Communist Party USA|September 22, 2023
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International notes: Communists worldwide demand democracy and peace

Communists in Bangladesh and Peru are demanding democratic reforms. In Switzerland and South Africa, they are calling for peace and opposing U.S. interventions.

The laws of fascism's emergence

Fascism is a form of monopoly-capitalist class rule. The fight against it is about building a force that can ultimately transition the democratic struggle into a struggle for working-class power.

BY:Joel Wendland-Liu|September 08, 2023
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For the record: CPUSA statement on Venezuela

The CPUSA supports the unity of the world Communist movement, and of left forces against U.S. imperialism. We do not take sides in disputes between parties building socialism.

Paul Robeson: a praise song for the unsung

Paul Robeson was one of the most famous Black Americans of the early 20th century, but McCarthyism ended his career and attempted to purge him from history altogether.

BY:Taylor Dorrell|August 30, 2023
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Pressure building in unexpected quarters to end Ukraine war

The big business press associates struggles for peace with foreign subversion, but there are cracks in the pro–Ukraine war propaganda. Is there an opening for negotiations?

The U.K. must apologize for the 1953 coup in Iran

August 19th marked the 70th anniversary of the Britain- and U.S.- planned coup in 1953 in Iran, which overthrew the democratically-elected Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh.

BY:Steve Bishop|August 22, 2023
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Louise Thompson Patterson: A Revolutionary Life

For nearly 80 years Louise Thompson Patterson was an organizer and leader of the freedom movement. Her story deserves to be told and her life emulated.

BY:Norman Markowitz|August 18, 2023
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Write, Persist, Struggle: organizing the strength of the proletarian pen

Providing a counter-narrative to that of the capitalist media requires a collective approach to writing, and one that is rooted in working-class experience and struggle.

BY:Taylor Dorrell|August 18, 2023
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