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NY CP joins Albany tenant protest

NY members of the Communist Party joined tenants in the state capitol to demand the right to representation.

BY:Cameron Orr|November 25, 2022
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Social Media Guidelines 2022

These guidelines apply to any and all Communist Party and Young Communist League accounts as well as members who publicly identify as party members online and or are public figures who represent the Party. Social Media Guidelines 1. Accounts must be approved by your club and district and should be collectively run. No personal opinions or individual analysis. Never tweet/post in first person, we function as a collective. Each...

November 18, 2022
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NY activists gather in defense of Cuban sovereignty

A film screening on Cuba's role in the struggle for African self-determination brought NYC solidarity activists together with the Cuban ambassador.

BY:Jacob Buckner|November 11, 2022
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The people's coalition stops a GOP wave

The anti-MAGA majority is prevailing.

BY:Communist Party USA|November 09, 2022
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NY coalition protests corporate backers of fascism

Fighters for democracy in NY put a spotlight on the Wall Street interests pushing a fascist agenda.

BY:Cameron Orr|November 09, 2022
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Notes on the historic challenge of the 2022 midterm election

The Trump-Republican attempt to destroy 100 years of hard-fought democratic gains must be defeated.

BY:Jarvis Tyner|November 04, 2022
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The Sweet Deal

Big business media and right-wing politicians mutually benefit from focusing on crime, but it distorts reality and undermines democracy

BY:Rena Weaver|November 04, 2022
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New struggles on old foundations: the youth question today

An in-depth look at the role of young people and the Young Communist League in the struggle for our future.

BY:Cameron Orr|November 03, 2022
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Why the ghosts of U.S. fascists still haunt the republic

On January 6, 2021, people throughout the world watched as a mob incited directly by the outgoing president, Donald Trump, stormed the Capitol. This was a classic attempted political coup to keep in power a government rejected in an election. Death and destruction followed as the mob chanted “Hang Mike Pence” (Trump’s outgoing vice president who refused to decertify Biden’s election) and threatened the lives of House speaker Nancy...

November 03, 2022
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Together, we can make the "impossible" possible

Remarks at the 22nd International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties in Cuba.