Call in: This Girl is on Fire! This Generation's Women's Movement


This girl is on fire! 
She's got her feet on the ground, 
and she's not backing down.

The lyrics to Alicia Keys's song "Girl on Fire" sum up this generation's women's movement. 

Almost a century after women won the right to vote, why are economic, reproductive, and marriage rights still so bitterly contested and challenged in U.S. society today?

During this year's Women's History Month we ask, is the assault on the labor movement linked to the assault on women? 

What's behind the recent attempts to legitimize rape and to expand the government's limitations on abortion in many states? Why does the ultra-right continue to use the oppression of women as a primary tool for its divisive political tactics?

Please join Lisa Bergmann, National Coordinator of the Young Communist League USA, for a presentation on the state of the struggle for women's rights today and the important role of young women. At the age of 31 Lisa has a decade of experience in social justice movements. As a union organizer she focused on service industries, where women of color and immigrant women make up the majority of the workforce.

DATE: Tues, March 19
TIME: 8pm eastern, 7pm central, 6pm mountain, 5pm pacific
Call: 605-475-4850 
DIAL access code 1053538# at the prompt


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  • Hello

    Ya know i was under the impression that we lived in
    a "misandry" . Women in our politically correct society
    have extraordinary "power" in the courts(divorce) and everyday life. A women, at a gym or health club for example can accuse a man of "excessive staring" that can actually get his membership revoked or on the job get him fired. They have a tremendous excess
    Brandon Green

    Posted by Brandon Green, 08/17/2013 9:33pm (2 years ago)

  • saludos camaradas viva la republica americana woman foreber

    Posted by oscar rodriguez, 03/18/2013 6:34pm (3 years ago)

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