May Day Greeting 2014


The Communist Party USA salutes the working people of all nations on this May Day, International Workers' Day.

On this May Day, the working people of our world confront immense tasks. Powerful corporate interests, and the governments which serve them are on the offensive against the working class and its allies, imposing austerity measures, privatizing public services and slashing social programs that were created by decades of working class struggle and on which many lives depend.

In the United States, right wing lawmakers slash food stamps for the millions who are unable to properly feed their families,

The assault on workers is accompanied by an assault on the environment. Big oil companies and others continue to destroy our planet, depleting essential resources while increasing global warming and putting the future of humanity in peril, in their insatiable drive for profits.  

The offensive of capital also is bringing very great dangers to world peace.  From Venezuela to the Middle East to Ukraine, the drive for profits is behind the stoking of international conflicts, with an increased danger of war.  

But the workers of the United States and the world, along with their allies, are up to the tasks with which this dire situation presents them.  Unity in the struggle can curb and finally end the power of the forces of big capital which act with such disregard for the vast majority of the human race and for the planet itself.   We will build a socialist future!

The Communist Party USA, on the occasion of its 95th anniversary, salutes the working people of all nations on this Mayday, and calls for:

  • An end to exploitation.
  • An end to racism, national chauvinism and anti-immigrant oppression.
  • An end to the exploitation of women, youth and LGBT people.
  • Freedom for the Cuban 5, and an end to U.S. persecution of socialist Cuba, Venezuela and all other nations which are struggling for their liberation.
  • Full protection of the natural environment.
  • An end to war and the peaceful resolution of all national conflicts.

View our May Day video chat about Socialism in the USA below.

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