CPUSA National Committee Resolution on the 2004 Elections

The following resolution was adopted by the Communist Party's, National Committee at it's June 29 meeting held in New York City.


The Communist Party USA meeting in New York City June 28-29, 2003 concluded that the most urgent task facing the working class and its allies in the next 17 months is mobilizing a broad people's coalition to defeat George W. Bush and the ultra-right Republicans in the 2004 elections.

The right-wing extremist, racist and military policies of the Bush administration go beyond the pale and are most dangerous. They have inflicted on the national and the world a dangerous new doctrine of pre-emptive war.

Already we have witnessed two wars in which thousands have died. Every day, U.S. soldiers and troops die in the occupation of Iraq that will cost $100 billion.

The Bush administration and their ultra-right allies in Congress are waging wars against every gain we have made in the past century union rights, civil rights, women's rights and civil liberties. In the name of 'war on terrorism' they have arrested, detained and deported thousands of innocent immigrants.

They have given trillions in tax cuts to millionaires while funds for vital programs are slashed and federal, state and local deficits skyrocket. Their policies have pushed the nation deeper into recession with massive layoffs.

Truly, the stakes in this election are enormous.


We greet the growing labor and peoples movement organizing to take back America from the corporate controlled extreme right-wing, in the interests of peace, security, democracy and economic rights.

We call on all who are hurt to join in building the broadest possible all-peoples coalition, relating every issue to the 2004 elections and the number one priority of defeating George Bush and the Republican majority in Congress.

The success of such a movement will depend on the leadership at the core of labor, racially and nationally oppressed communities and women.

We urge the largest voter turnout possible in this November's municipal elections as a means of rejecting federal priorities and policies which are starving cities and towns, and to demand full funding to the states by repealing the tax cut tot he rich and drastically cutting the military budget.

We agree that the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride is a great historic development in our country, and pledge full support toward building this powerful multi-racial, labor-community-peace alliance that can shape the debate and turn out the vote in 2004.

We determine to build and greatly expand the circulation of the Peoples Weekly World, along with Political Affairs and Dynamic, as a newspaper that can serve as educator and mobilizer for all peoples unity to defeat the right-wing.

We invite all those who are angry at the devastation being wrought on our country and the world by the policies of this administration to join the ranks of the Communist Party in the interests of upholding past won gains, and charting the course toward a fair, equitable, just and peaceful society.