Communist Party USA an introduction: our policy, history and how we work

The Communist Party USA is holding a series of sessions to introduce new and prospective members to our policy, history, day-to-day work and our structure and decision making process. Audio recordings of each session will be posted as they occur.

Session I. Strategy and tactics - getting from here to socialism
Featuring Sam Webb, CPUSA National Chair 

If it were easy to bring about a socialist revolution, the working class would have done it long ago. 

In reality, the process to win socialism in the US or anywhere is very complicated. It requires prolonged struggle passing through numerous stages, the building of broad alliances reflecting overwhelming majority support propelled by deep going class and socialist consciousness on the part of the working class.

One of the things distinguishing the CPUSA is our ability to see the unique path to US socialism, to identify stages of struggle through which the movement must pass, the key class and social forces necessary to advance through each stage and the means to build maximum unity to do it.
This is the subject of a discussion led by CPUSA National Chair Sam Webb entitled, "Strategy and tactics - getting from here to socialism." The discussion was held March 28, 2013 as part of a new members orientation series.