Voter turnout is the key

(Editor's note:  Report to CPUSA National Committee meeting, September 11, 2014.)

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Marxist IQ

1. The massive export of capital and jobs from the U.S. since the 1980s is the result of:

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Reflections on the Communist Party convention

Recently the Communist Party USA held its 30th National Convention in Chicago. In all, nearly 375 delegates and guests convened over the weekend of June 13-15 to affirm the Party's strategic policy, hold panel and plenary discussions, conduct workshops and outline new areas of organizational focus - namely, broadening and building the movement of fast-food workers for $15 an-hour and a union, and redoubling our efforts in the struggle to avert climate catastrophe through global warming.

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Stagnation & Low Wage Organizing

Exploratory thinking on economic stagnation, non-traditional labor, and points of strategic focus and engagement

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May Day Greeting 2014

The Communist Party USA salutes the working people of all nations on this May Day, International Workers' Day.

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Happy May Day!

The *Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA)* greets working people in the United States and everywhere on May Day with our heartfelt wishes that unity in struggle may bring us a better world:

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