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2004 Elections Update — 10/03 National Board Meeting

'All Out to Defeat Bush' must become a living-fighting slogan for us. What we need is a class struggle approach to the '04 elections to help guarantee that the enormous...

BY:| December 17, 2003
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Hanne Gidora on the Canadian Health Care System

Speech given in Seattle December 7th on the Canadian Health Care System by Hanne Gidora, RN and Communist Party of Canada member.

BY: Washington District| December 10, 2003
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FTAA protest gallery

FTAA Protest Photos People's Weekly World newspaper's FTAA Coverage: As thousands demonstrate: 'Free trade' deal stalls in Miami 11/26/03 08:49 Miami police state actions condemned 11/26/03 09:02 FTAA protesters need...

BY: CPUSA Organizing Department| December 5, 2003
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While you’re in Miami…talk with the Communists

Event: Socialist Vision of the Americas: Talking with the Communists Date: Wed Nov 19th. 3:30 to 5:00 PM Description: 500 years of Capitalism in the Americas failed to meet the...

BY: CPUSA Organizing Department| November 1, 2003
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Labor Today: New Challenges, New Possibilities

'By many yardsticks labor continues to move in a progressive even radical direction...This discussion must also take place with the full realization that labor is under...sustained and intensive attack.' In...

October 31, 2003
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