12 reasons why Trump is no peace maker

BY:Roberta Wood| August 17, 2018
12 reasons why Trump is no peace maker

1. Trump has blown up the Iran nuclear deal, which, by the way, was reached thru cooperation of the Obama administration with the Russian government.

2. Trump has drastically increased military spending overall.

3. Trump has reversed initiatives of the Obama administration to freeze whole categories of nuclear weapons.

4. Pres. Obama had cancelled the Bush administration’s initiatives to develop missile defense shields in the Czech Republic and Poland. The “shield” was supposedly needed to protect Europe from attacks from Iran. Remember when Pres. Obama was accused by the Republicans of “abandoning our European allies” ?

5. Trump has successfully demanded other NATO countries increase their military spending.

6. While rhetorically attacking NATO, under its umbrella Trump has increased U.S. military presence with tanks and troops in former Soviet republics neighboring Russia.

7. Trump’s “America first” rhetoric underlies a drive for U.S. hegemony, rejecting a multi polar world which allows for a global role for countries like China. Trump is a tireless proponent of U.S. hegemony.

8. Giving Trump credit for defusing international crises such as in Korea – crises that he himself instigated – does not make sense. Credit instead should go to North and South Korea

9. Trump made deals for putting more missiles and other weapons in Poland, Saudi Arabia and the Mediterranean. Trump used the U.S. missiles in the Mediterranean  to launch an attack on Syria.

10. 30,000 people have been killed in South Yemen (including the recent school bus bombing) being run by the “coalition” of Saudi Arabia, the U. S. and United Arab Emirates orchestrated by the Trump administration. His support for that coalition is a payoff  for loans to his personal businesses and to the campaigns of Republican candidates.

11. Trump’s $2 trillion “nuclear weapon modernization program” will unleash a a new nuclear arms race.

12. The Trump administration’s “space force”  as a 6th branch of the military promises to weaponize space in order to create U.S. military dominance in that realm.
    Roberta Wood, Secretary-Treasurer of the Communist Party, is a retired journeyman industrial instrument mechanic. A lifelong union activist, she was a founding co-chair of the United Steelworkers District 31 Women's Caucus. She writes on labor issues for peoplesworld.org. A Chicagoan, Roberta is married to Steelworker retiree Scott Marshall. Scott and Roberta have four daughters and seven grandchildren.

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Emile Schepers | August 17, 2018 at 2:33 AM

Very good points. I would add that Trump threw Obama’s initiative of limited rapprochement with socialist Cuba into reverse, and has recently been quoted as asking his advisors why the United States can’t simply invade Venezuela. On and on.

Bernie | August 17, 2018 at 1:45 AM

There is no denial that Trump represents the most rabid right-wing imperialist sector of our country – military industrial complex – who promote and feed on wars.
However, we cannot gloss over Clinton’s nor Obama’s role in ratcheting up cold war tension on the borders of Russia. It was Clinton who violated an agreement to freeze NATO’s borders. Instead he enlisted the former Socialist countries with neo-facsist leadership into NATO. Nato a US creation after WWII to role back SU . It was under Obama’s administration that those countries were armed with missiles, targeting Russia. It was under his administration that US forces participated in provocative war games at Russia’s borders. It was his administration that nuclear armed US bombers, targeting major Russian cities have been buzzing along Russian Borders. It was his administration that initiated upgrading nuclear arms, launching a new nuclear arms race.
While Trump proposed increasing the bloated military budget be reminded that it was the Democrats with the Republican in Congress that out-did Trump and increased his proposed bloated military budget.
After 60 years of a state of war with North Korea it was not Clinton or Obama who gave the Korean people some hope in ending that imminent threat of nuclear holocaust. It was non other then Trump. Again Trump’s initiative meeting with Putin gives the world a sigh of relief that the world is being brought back from the brink of world calamity. Even Stalin negotiated with fascist Hitler a non-aggression pact. Soviets leadership had no illusions about Hitler. Although Hitler reneged on it nevertheless it gave SU a two year breathing spell.
It appears that the writer fears some will be deceived by Trumps “peace” actions and weaken our resolve to defeat him. Will the writer feel better if Trump lived up to her expectation and instead launched a war against North Korea and Russia?

    Jesse | September 10, 2018 at 9:01 AM

    Well put.

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