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We have our work cut out for us

Editorial This is a deeply divided country. Out of some 114 million votes, George W. Bush garnered just over 3 million more than John Kerry. Bush will claim a mandate for his extremist agenda. Hell, he claimed a mandate when he grabbed the White House in 2000 by one Supreme Court justice vote. But the reality is at least half the country is against him.

BY:People’s World|November 06, 2004
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The Republican campaign to suppress the Black vote

The Republican Party and the right wing are waging a well-financed campaign to weaken and destroy the impact of the African American vote. This campaign is in direct violation of the Voting Rights Act (1965) and the principle of one person, one vote. It is one of the clearest examples of the racist nature of the Bush administration.

September 30, 2004
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Setting the record straight: CPUSA position on 2004 elections

In the past month, several phony reports have been circulated by right-leaning papers and websites -- making various false claims about the Communist Party position on the 2004 elections... The red-baiting forgeries are just another part of the Bush campaign which is running on lies and fear. So, for the record, the CPUSA position on the 2004 elections:

Just Being Anti-Bush Is Not Enough To Win

Across the country there is a growing anti-Bush feeling, but that alone is not enough. To win requires that millions be convinced that the differences between Bush and Kerry are real, substantial and consequential to their lives on the whole range of issues.

August 26, 2004
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Discussion on the Status and Role of the Party.

Sam Webb's report to the expanded National Board meeting of June 26 and 27. This isnt the first time that we have discussed the status and role of the Party... Almost two years ago to the day, for example, we organized a national conference on clubs and club life... What makes this discussion different is that we will give singular attention to one particular aspect of the Party...

August 11, 2004
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Elections '04 - Report to the National Board

The countdown is 125 days from today to November 2nd when our country will elect a new president, senate, house of representatives and state legislatures. Mobilization is at a high level.

July 14, 2004
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Build Unity to Take Back Our Country in 2004!: Defeat Bush and the Ultra Right!

The 2004 election is a turning point that will make history one way or the other. The backdrop is the mighty battle being waged by right-wing capitalist interests for hegemony over all the world's resources, markets and labor. The shocking disparity between wealth and poverty worldwide, and the never-ending search for new sources of profit, set the stage for sharp conflict.

February 11, 2004
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National Conference to Defeat Bush & Ultra Right! New York City, January 31.

Conference features: Keynote: 'Building Unity to Take Back Our Country in 2004' Panels: I: 'Unity of Labor and Allies v. Ultra-right tactics.' II: 'What it Takes to Win.' III: 'The Communist Party at the Grass Roots.'

January 07, 2004
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2004 Elections Update -- 10/03 National Board Meeting

'All Out to Defeat Bush' must become a living-fighting slogan for us. What we need is a class struggle approach to the '04 elections to help guarantee that the enormous power of the multiracial US working class, especially its organized sector, the racially oppressed along with other allies is felt in the street and at the ballot box next November 2nd.|December 17, 2003
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Labor Today: New Challenges, New Possibilities

'By many yardsticks labor continues to move in a progressive even radical direction...This discussion must also take place with the full realization that labor is under...sustained and intensive attack.' In this labor report to the CPUSA National Board, a discussion is started on today's challenges and possibilities facing the labor movement.

October 31, 2003
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