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Nicaragua’s national dialogue and peace must be guarded against foreign interference

Solidarity with the Nicaraguan people, in defense of the national, sovereign dialogue, translates into the reinforcement of the struggle for peace.

BY:Socorro Gomes|August 02, 2018
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CP of Israel: Nation-State Law reeks of fascism, apartheid

What's required is to bring together all those affected by the government’s approach and to build the build the largest possible Jewish-Arab front to resist fascism.

The Trump-Kim Korea meeting: Historical background, future prospects

Possible peace in the Koreas did not spring fully formed from Trump’s brain.   The two Koreas have been going on and off about normalization and unification for some time now.

BY:Emile Schepers|July 17, 2018
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International Notes: July 13

CP of Israel protest destruction of Palestinian village; Colombian calls for resistance of right wing government, socialist movement of Kazakhstan demands U.S.  imperialism out of country and more in this week's International Notes.

Communist Party on the move in Hartford's neighborhoods

Trust was built not in weeks or months but in years.

BY:Brian Scavetta|July 09, 2018
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Supreme Court sends a clear message: Elections matter

These Supreme Court decisions must be met with a wave of grassroots resistance, from rallies and demonstrations, to labor actions and direct confrontation of officials and their corporate backers. That swell of protest must fuel a mass electoral mobilization against the GOP in the midterm elections.

In Houston party building comes first

Combining election, trade union, civil rights, ideological and cultural work is the key to effective party building.

BY:Bernard Sampson|June 29, 2018
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A plan to rebuild the U.S. infrastructure can unite the working class

In these times of escalating inequality, life conditions are at a crisis point.  There is a jobs crisis, a housing crisis, a crisis of drinking water in rural and urban communities alike, an environmental crisis.

BY:Joelle Fishman|June 21, 2018
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The Singapore Summit is a positive step towards peace

This is the best way to serve the interests of the working classes and peoples of the two Koreas, the United States and the world.