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Feeling locked out of the American Dream?

Twenty-first century science and technology make it possible for all the world's people to have good food, good health, good education, a good job and a fulfilling life. What stands in the way? Capitali$m - an economic and political system that puts profits before people. Q: What's wrong with capitalism? A: It puts profits before people. The heart of capitalism is the drive for more and more profits for banks...

BY:Roberta Wood|November 22, 2010
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As I recently listened to a Trump Administration crony drone on about “American democracy,” I sarcastically recalled  President Obama’s lecturing Raul Castro on democracy while visiting Cuba. This occurred at the same time Republican officials in Arizona and several other states were working to block as much citizen access to the voting booth as possible. When it comes to promoting “democracy” around the world, the United States government has...

BY:Bill Johnston|March 20, 2020
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Convention Discussion: Educate the people about democracy

Submitted by David Fields, Fitchburg, WI. The first sentence of the article on democracy in Wikipedia begins "Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally-either directly or indirectly through elected representatives-in the proposal, development, and creation of laws." Even that description goes beyond what many people seem to believe what democracy is in our nation.To many democracy begins and ends at the ballot box. It...

BY:David Fields|April 18, 2014
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Convention Discussion: Elementary Points on Democracy

Submitted by Jim Lane, Dallas, TX To begin with, the Communist Party is an absolute necessity for the future of humanity. The working class is the only class that can confront and overcome capitalism. Without the deliberate leadership of the Communist Party, the class is rudderless and lost, and so is the human race. For two reasons, Communist democracy is a fundamental component of a successful party. In the first...

BY:Jim Lane|April 08, 2014
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Convention Discussion: A Party of Advanced American Democracy

Submitted by John Case, W. Virginia. "We've never solved one single problem in this country with less democracy. We've never moved forward with less participation." Bill Clinton "What is the character of a party of 21st century socialism?" Answering this question presents a special challenge, even before engaging its substance, to navigate the special vocabulary of 20th century socialist and communist dialog. It is a vocabulary substantially imported from political...

BY:John Case|March 18, 2014
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Framework for Discussion: Democracy for all & the fight for equality

This document was developed to help provide a framework for the discussion of the 30th Convention of the Communist Party USA.

CP Boston club is taking it to the streets

The club is taking it to the streets educating people about local immigration issues, registering people to vote, and holding events about our planet and how we can save it.

BY:Ed Carson|July 31, 2018
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Welcome to CPUSA conference and shared vision

The welcome speech given to the CPUSA first annual conference, April 16-17.

April 22, 2011
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Documento de Enmarque: Democracia para todos: las luchas por la libertad e igualdad en Estados Unidos hoy

La promesa de igualdad para todos es parte integrante de la cultura y tradiciones norteamericanas. Sin embargo, de la promesa fundacional de los Estados Unidos, grandes sectores de la población fueron excluidos. Quedaron excluidos por la esclavitud, las personas esclavizadas y los negros liberados. Las mujeres, los nativos norteamericanos, los inmigrantes y quienes no poseían propiedades. Muchas de esas exclusiones se mantienen hoy en formas diferentes y han surgido nuevos...

The Scalia surprise and the 2016 elections

Update Remarks by John Bachtell to the CPUSA National Board, Feb. 17, 2016 Once again, developments underscore the unpredictability and volatility of the 2016 elections. Unforeseen events can intrude, greatly impacting the dynamics of the race. One such event is the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the most influential right-wing member of the court. Scalia's death, President Obama's intention to nominate a replacement and the GOP vow...

BY:John Bachtell|April 15, 2016
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