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The long and sinister history behind the Rittenhouse acquittal

The road to the Rittenhouse verdict is littered with slave catchers, Klansmen, vigilantes, and militias.

BY:Norman Markowitz|December 10, 2021
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A case for the homeless

Bad policies and structural failures of capitalism are behind the homelessness problem.

BY:Lowell B. Denny, III|December 09, 2021
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A just verdict, but not true justice

The verdict upholds "accountability, but not true justice."

BY:Communist Party USA|November 24, 2021
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Rittenhouse verdict is racist and unjust

Rittenhouse must be retried under federal civil rights law.

The inflation culprits

What's driving higher prices?

BY:John Case|November 19, 2021
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World opinion: U.S. is no model of democracy

A Pew poll says people worldwide are unimpressed with the U.S. political system.

BY:Joel Wendland-Liu|November 17, 2021
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New frontiers in Marxist political economy in China

For Marxist political economy to remain vital, it must evolve with the times.

BY:Xi Jinping|November 02, 2021
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An upsurge worth fighting for

A report to the October 31 National Committee meeting.

BY:Joe Sims|November 01, 2021
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Vietnam's path to socialism: Theoretical and practical issues

The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam writes on progress and challenges in the transition to socialism.

BY:Nguyen Phu Trong|October 29, 2021
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