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2022 a banner year for the CP in Columbus

2022 was a year of action and growth for the CP in Columbus.

Justice for Tyre Nichols and all victims of police crimes

Community control of police is vital to ending police crimes and terror.

What's behind the price squeeze?

Let’s cut to the headline takeaways: One of the single biggest causes of the current inflation is the pandemic and the breaks in global supply chains that resulted. In a capitalist system, or any “market” system, when supply is restricted and demand remains high, prices rise. The second biggest cause is the U.S. “Cold War 2.0”—geopolitical economic policies directed against Russia and China, and any other country unwilling to...

January 26, 2023
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The party we must become

The fascist danger remains front and center.

BY:Joe Sims|January 18, 2023
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Marxist IQ: the Trumpian farce

If twentieth century fascism was the tragedy, Trump's MAGA movement emerges as the equally dangerous farce. Can you identify the trends?

BY:Communist Party USA|December 15, 2022
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The right to strike can never be compromised

Congress rips away a fundamental right from railroad workers.

BY:Carl Wood|December 02, 2022
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Club Q killings are part of capitalist violence and hatred

Knowing there are more and more vast numbers ready to join and continue to fight back and overcome, we take heart and march forward in this long battle.

BY:Colorado May Day Club|November 26, 2022
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NY CP joins Albany tenant protest

NY members of the Communist Party joined tenants in the state capitol to demand the right to representation.

BY:Cameron Orr|November 25, 2022
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Social Media Guidelines 2022

These guidelines apply to any and all Communist Party and Young Communist League accounts as well as members who publicly identify as party members online and or are public figures who represent the Party. Social Media Guidelines 1. Accounts must be approved by your club and district and should be collectively run. No personal opinions or individual analysis. Never tweet/post in first person, we function as a collective. Each...

November 18, 2022
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NY activists gather in defense of Cuban sovereignty

A film screening on Cuba's role in the struggle for African self-determination brought NYC solidarity activists together with the Cuban ambassador.

BY:Jacob Buckner|November 11, 2022
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