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Good morning, revolution!

White boat owners in Montgomery refuse to accept a Black co-captain's authority, GOP defeated in Ohio anti-abortion referendum, NYTimes promotes McCarthyism, and mailbag.

BY:Communist Party USA|August 15, 2023
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NYTimes' McCarthyite "exposé" carries water for the MAGA right

Pushing Cold War 2.0 politics to its McCarthyite conclusion, a recent article from the NYTimes aides the MAGA right's assault on democracy.

BY:Communist Party USA|August 11, 2023
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Detroit demands: take Cuba off "sponsors of terrorism" list

Members of the CP in Detroit participated with a solidarity visit, and returned home to help build the local "U.S. hands off Cuba" movement.

The East is still red: Chinese socialism in the 21st century

Join us for our next Marxist class. Carlos Martinez, author of The End of the Beginning: Lessons of the Soviet Collapse, will talk about socialism in China, with its progress and challenges. The East Is Still Red: Chinese Socialism in the 21st Century Date: Sunday, August 20 Time: 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time, 10:00 a.m. Central, 8:00 a.m. Pacific Register here to attend and receive a recording: Image (cropped):...

August 07, 2023
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Understanding our press as a collective organizer

How can Lenin's writings on the Communist party and press be applied today?

BY:Jacob Buckner|August 05, 2023
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Ohio CP says "Vote No!" on anti-abortion Issue 1

The CP in Ohio is working to help defeat a dangerous GOP effort to undermine citizen-led constitutional amendments.

BY:Ohio District|August 04, 2023
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Unity in action for the right to live

Focusing on the issues, supporting the all-people's front, engaging in the battle of ideas, and concentrated organizing are key to securing democratic victories.

U.S. imperialism's crisis, and the fascist danger

What are the links between the crisis of U.S. imperialism and the rising fascist danger?

Oklahoma Communists say there's no pride in McCarthyism

When the Oklahoma CP applied for a booth at a local Pride celebration, a Cold War–era law spooked event organizers. Pro-democracy activists say it's time to remove the statute.

BY:C.J. Atkins|June 16, 2023
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Philly YCL evaluates its work, sets new goals

A collective process among Philadelphia's young Communists shows democratic centralism in action.