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Report on Political Independence

The struggle for political independence is interconnected with, and in opposition to, the ruthless drive for increased profits by transnational corporations. It is part and parcel of the striving of working class families for survival, to realize hopes and dreams and to determine their own destiny.

September 22, 2001
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Party Builder 31 May 2001

In this issue: *Convention information on the Web! *Kudos to Wally & the PWW *Book sale at the Reference Center *Star Wars *Pro-Democracy Convention *Alliance for Retired Americans *Pacifica Alert *ACLU Alerts *Bush and Energy *Bush and Kyoto *BONUS: Excerpts from Jarvis Tyner's PWW article on the JEFFORDS SWITCH COUNTDOWN TO THE CONVENTION! Only 36 more days to go! Check out the new Convention web site here. The latest reports...

Party Builder 13 Aug 2001

In This Issue: *Convention Evaluation *Convention Web Site *Globalization Report *Jobs with Justice Conference *Recruiting Pamphlet *Welfare Reform Hearings *Cuba Solidarity *Legislative Updates *Books for Sale*Conference to Stop Star Wars *Protect Legal Abortion *Vieques *Fall Calendar ONLY 1,426 days left until the next Convention!! Maybe that's not something you're ready to think about, but we are! And if you attended the Convention either as a delegate or a guest, we...

Proposed Resolution: Against Racism and for Immigrant Rights

The struggle for equality for Black People and against Racism is central to social progress. It is central to the fighting unity of the working class and TO THE STRUGGLE OF ALL OTHER SPECIALLY OPPRESSED MINORITIES...for full economic, political, and social equality......recognizing the global scale and permanence of immigration.... is the starting point ...of an immigration policy based on human rights...

BY:Indiana District, CPUSA|September 21, 2001
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Remarks on the Fight for Women's Equality

Our goal in this brief report is to lay bare the relationship between the fight for women's equality and the struggle of the working class, to highlight why the ultra right targets women, and, lastly, to challenge the Party to recast its understanding of the new reality of the importance of the Woman Question in light of the significant emergence of women as members of the paid work force as...

BY:Dee Miles|September 21, 2001
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Resolutions Committee Report

Resolutions were presented to the Convention prior to our arrival at Milwaukee.

BY:Mike Bayer|September 21, 2001
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Report of the Program Committee

The Program Committee sees its work as a major contribution toward building political and ideological unity and mass fightback against the all-out assault of the extreme right wing. We project developing a Program for our times, which builds on our Programs of past periods, and projects into future periods including socialism.

September 21, 2001
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Political Independence

Our Party is committed to and actively working for greater political independence of the working class and all the progressive forces. We are working for the establishment of a united multiracial labor-based independent people's electoral party that could ultimately challenge and win against the dominant capitalist parties, in every state in the union. We consider it a necessary goal, on the road to Socialism.

September 21, 2001
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The Fight for Media Democracy

The struggle against the corporate domination of the media is a cornerstone of the fight to defend democracy.

September 21, 2001
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