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Economy and the need for a new public works program

Everyone in this room knows were in bad shape, and its not getting better. Every month this year has brought worse news on unemployment numbers, May brought a 0.5% increase to bring the total to 5.5%, an increase that was the largest since the mid-1980s, and the highest rate since late 2004. Over the past six months private-sector employment has fallen by 411,000; the long-term unemployed share is up to...

Editorial: Eye on the Prize

Barack Obama is not a left candidate. This fact has seemingly surprised a number of progressive people who are bemoaning Obamas shift to the center. (Right-wingers are happy to join them, suggesting Obama is a flip-flopper.) Its sad that some who seek progressive change are missing the forest for the trees. But they will not dampen the wide and deep enthusiasm for blocking a third Bush term represented by John...

CPUSA Party Program

The Party Program for the Communist Party USA.

Think Tank report, trade and industrial policy

Im going to both start with a list of questions. Hopefully Ill provide some information, a few suggestions, maybe even have a few answers. 1. How do we create and build jobs to sustain our trade, decrease the deficit, and maintain sustainability in this global economy? 2. How do we build labor internationally to raise the standards of living and guarantee or at least progress towards fair wages and working...|May 10, 2008
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People's Weekly World Launches New Websites

Our fraternal newspaper, the People's Weekly World, has redesigned their website, It now features daily online articles, multimedia, and even a blog! We hope you'll consider making the PWW/NM your daily home for progressive news and views.

May 09, 2008
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Halting the Decline of Britain's Manufacturing Industry

By Jerry Jones Economic Committee Communist Party of Britain First published September 2005 Contents Preface 1. The decline of Britain's manufacturing industries 2. Why manufacturing matters 3. Why Britain's manufacturing performance is poor compared with other advanced countries 4. Why the current free-for-all relocation of manufacturing to less developed countries is unsustainable 5. What the government should be doing 6. What trade unions should be doing 7. Conclusion and Summary...|May 06, 2008
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Think Tank Transportation

Tuesday I went to the Intl Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) library, spoke with the librarian and did some research. At this point, Im able to write about two aspects relating to the question I took on: that is, transportation generally and particularly developments at U.S. ports in determining a progressive industrial policy. For the labor commission next month, after I read the materials I got from the library and...|May 06, 2008
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Green Economy & Green Jobs, an overview

As concern has grown both over the consequences of global warming and over the loss of well-paying manufacturing jobs in the U.S., much attention has begun to be focused on the green economy and green jobs.

May 06, 2008
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Revolt with a Vote

As of this writing, the Republicans have settled on their nominee, and the U.S. is still in the midst of a Democratic primary race that has energized and mobilized millions of people, especially youth, across the country. In state primary after state primary, record numbers of people have come out to vote, or caucus, to add their voice to the millions debating the question: Who will be the Democratic presidential...

BY:Erica Smiley|April 30, 2008
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Erica Smiley's Bi-Annual Report to the National Council April 12-13, 2008; Chicago, IL POLITICAL CLIMATE There are so many things I could talk about right now with regards to the state of education, jobs, housing, and the on-going occupation in Iraq. But these days it would be difficult to mention these things without first discussing the 2008 elections.|April 26, 2008
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