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Are We Overlooking Anything in the Fight to Build the Party?

Can our Party be built faster than its present very slow pace? How? Growth of the Party is a problem we have been grappling with ever since our height in 1946-48 of 80-100,000 members. If there were simple answers, easy to fix, we would have done so long ago.

BY:Danny Rubin|April 05, 2005
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Ownership society a challenge to debate who really owns our society and what to do about it

The New Deal of the 1930s can be seen as a response to the reality of socialism born in 1917, when the Russian Revolution thrust on the world's action agenda the vision of a society based on collective ownership and working class empowerment to meet human needs. Seventy years later, the Bush/Republican far-right advocacy of an 'ownership society' can be seen as an effort to turn the clock back to...

April 02, 2005
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At War: Women in the United States in 2005

Women and men in the United States have lived through another year of a 'jobless recovery.' ... Women, particularly poor women, working class women and women of color, face the direct blows of an administration that wants to further privatize survival.

Post Election, Now What?

I am going to respond to the following questions: How does the Partys strategic line stand up to the outcome of the elections? Does the Party need to change its strategic line? If not, what do we need to do to move forward?

April 02, 2005
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Draft Program of the CPUSA

The Road to Socialism USA:Unity for Peace, Democracy, Jobs and Equality Download PDF: CPUSA_DraftProgram.pdf Outline Introduction Capitalism, Exploitation, and Oppression Capitalism in the Era of Monopoly and Imperialism Internationalization of Economic Life, Transnationals, and Capitalist Globalization the World Balance of Forces Present Features of Capitalism Class Struggle, Democratic Struggle The Class Struggle Democratic Struggle and its relation to Class Struggle Unity is Key to Victory: the Main Forces for...

March 24, 2005
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CPUSA 28th National Convention - DRAFT Main Political Resolution

The CPUSA will hold its 28th National Convention July 1-3 in Chicago Illinois. The theme is 'DEFEAT THE BUSH AGENDA -- THE PEOPLE CAN WIN!' This draft of the Conventions Main Political Report is for Pre-Convention discussion. [] 'The 28th National Convention of the Communist Party USA takes place at a dangerous time in our nations history. Twenty-five years of right-wing dominance of the nations political agenda has reached a...

March 04, 2005
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The Fight to Save and Expand Social Security: A Family and Community Project

Report to the National Committee, Communist Party USA January 29, 2005. The inauguration is over, but the battle for hearts and minds, for the future of our country, is raging. As Linda Chavez Thompson put it so eloquently during the Martin Luther King celebration in Los Angeles: Things can turn around much sooner than anyone can imagine if we fight smart, and if we fight hard and if we fight...

February 17, 2005
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Marxist Classics: The Nature of the 'White-Black Relationship'

One of the reading selections of the African American History Month educational guide: Chapter 7 from Class, Race and Black Liberation, Published 1977, International Publishers Co

BY:Henry Winston|February 08, 2005
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Club Educational Study Guide: African American History Month 2005

This educational has the goal of upgrading our understanding of the national question, the fight against racism, and the fight for African American equality. The recommended readings include classic writings based on a theoretical foundation which is still sound even if the statistical data have shifted.

BY:Communist Party USA|January 08, 2005
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'No mandate, no surrender' from report to the CPUSA National Committee

Never in my lifetime have I participated in an election in which the stakes were so high, the opposing sides so clearly defined, the forms and methods of struggle so creative and wide-ranging, and the battle so bitterly contested and so consequential to the lives of billions on our planet. The results werent what we had hoped for, but we should be immensely proud that we were engaged and tireless...

December 01, 2004
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