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National Board of the CPUSA meets Jan 12-13 on fighting the Bush administration

Sam Webb, National Chair of the CPUSA, says the Board will propose initiatives that 'place the CPUSA in coalition actions with others, such as national demonstrations for peace and justice in the Winter and Spring.'

Arabs and Jews Call for Middle East Peace

WASHINGTON Arab and Jewish Americans are speaking with one voice in denouncing terrorism in the Middle East and calling for strong action to defend the peace process based on the co-existence of two states, Palestine and Israel.

December 22, 2001
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Communist Party USA Condemns Attack on Chilean Communists

The Communist Party USA strongly denounces the brutal attack on the Communist Party of Chile and its members November 28 in Santiago, Chile.

James Jackson: Fighter for Equality, Democracy, Peace and Socialism

James E. Jackson Jr., a leader of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) for many years, celebrated his 87th birthday Nov. 29.

December 07, 2001
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Labor Wins Big in Union-Busting South Carolina

Gathered in the union hall and parking lot on East Bay Street, the dockworkers ofInternational Longshoremens Association (ILA) Local 1422, mostly African American men, celebrated their hard-fought victory in the case of the Charleston Five.

December 01, 2001
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AFL-CIO stimulus package phase one RESOLUTION for HR 2946 and S 1454

Whereas, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, chaired by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, has introduced legislation which would 'get people back to work and raise household incomes by providing enough new spending to recover from the recent fall of the stock market, the lagging economy, and the economic downturn following the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11', said Kucinich...

NC Report on the Charleston 5

The fight to free the Charleston 5 already had special significance prior to the tragedy of September 11th and the now urgent war or peace emergency. But the new situation and the surrounding challenges of deepening economic crisis, threats to civil liberties, the racist and chauvinist hate attacks against Arab Americans and immigrants, the heightened racial profiling, the attacks on democracy, place even more importance to this battle for justice...

BY:Evelina Alarcon|November 10, 2001
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Making a Peaceful and Non-Violent World: The Challenge of Our Times

On September 11 at 8:48 a.m. our country and world changed as commercial jets were transformed into projectiles of senseless death and destruction by hateful and criminal terrorists. Not only were the lives of thousands of people lost and not only was there destruction beyond belief, but shock waves of profound sorrow, fear, anger, and concern about our future were felt across our country and the world. But also, in...

November 02, 2001
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Where are we after September 11?

The following is an excerpt from a report to the Communist Party's national committee, elected at its convention in July. The national committee met Oct. 20-21 in New York.

Political Action Remarks

The horror and shock of planes crashing into the World Trade Center did not slow down the push by the Bush administration and the extreme right-wing to achieve their anti-worker, anti-people agenda.

October 31, 2001
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