On Wisconsin! Teleconference on Walker recall campaign


Join us Tuesday, December 20, for a live interview on the historic Wisconsin recall campaign of Gov. Scott Walker and its implications for turning back the rightwing anti-labor assault and winning in the 2012 elections.

The recall movement sweeping the state has already gathered the minimum signatures needed for a special election and a month remains to withstand any challenge.

In a special teleconference interview, December 20, Ed Sadlowski, Jr., of AFSCME Council 40 Wisconsin, will discuss the the historic recall campaign against Gov. Scott Walker and the struggle going forward.  

Tuesday, December 20
8:00 pm Eastern, 7:00 pm Central, 5:00 pm Pacific  
Call (605) 475-4850 and dial 1053538# after the prompt.  

Because Ed's up to his neck in the fight, including today's "sing-in protest" at the state capital, we're unable to do the Ustream broadcast as we intended.

Call (605) 475-4850 and dial 1053538# after the prompt.   Check out ongoing coverage of the recall at the PeoplesWorld.org: 

Check out coverage of the recall at the PeoplesWorld.org:

Wisconsin recall campaign off to blazing start: here

84 year old woman forced to pay $200 poll tax: here

Best wishes for the holiday season.

Photo: Tens of thousands of teachers, firefighters, students, parents and more fill Wisconsin's Capitol protesting Gov. Scott Walker's attack on union rights, Feb. 18, 2011. (Teresa Albano/PW


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  • The colossal reverberations in the United States of America which start from the ground zeros of Wisconsin and Ohio for the 2012 national elections, including the election of Barack Hussein Obama for a miraculous second term, are only matched by the prophetic statement by W. E. B. Du Bois, fifty years ago in 1961, when he rocked the civilized world, including the C P U S A itself, joining the Communists while writing, to the horror of oppressors and exploiters everywhere that,"The path of the American Communist Party is clear: It will provide the United States with a real third party and thus restore democracy to this land. It will call for:

    Public ownership of natural resources and of all capital.
    Public control of transportation and communication.
    Abolition of poverty and limitation of personal income.
    No exploitation of labor.
    Social medicine,with hospitalization and care for the old.
    Free education for all.
    Training for jobs and jobs for all.
    Discipline for growth and reform.
    Freedom under law.
    No dogmatic religion."

    Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., only a few months before his murder, in 1968, had called our Du Bois both genius and communist, while King himself championed international communists Pablo Neruda and Sean O'Casey, abolishing poverty, imperialism, war, and violence at this famed Freedomways meeting.
    "Let us march on, 'til victory is won." We must have victories in Wisconsin and Ohio, and especially in the 6 November national elections.

    Posted by E.E.W. Clay, 12/20/2011 10:53am (4 years ago)

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