May Day 2013: We Stand with the Workers of the World!


On this May Day, humanity is facing enormous challenges - economic stagnation, multiple social crises, savage and growing inequalities, climate change and environmental degradation, food insecurity, resource depletion, peak oil, population pressures, terrorism of state and non-state actors, imperial occupations and sanctions, outbreaks of war, and nuclear weapons proliferation - all of which can only be addressed if the economic and political power of the transnational corporations is radically diminished and eventually eliminated.


We are confident that humanity will meet these challenges as it has done at earlier turning points in human history and create a future that is worthy of humankind, a socialist future. We know the working class will lead the way.

Today we join with the tens of thousands across the U.S. who will march for immigrant rights, workers rights, jobs, justice and equality.

We also join with the working people of the world who celebrate May 1 as International Labor Day, a holiday born right here in the U.S.A.

Happy May Day!



PHOTO: Haymarket Martyrs Memorial, Forest Home Cemetery, Illinois, Some rights reserved by Communist Party