A new CPUSA.ORG is coming May Day!

In just a few days, we will be unveiling the new May Day is Launch Day! []

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Communist Party leader debates socialism, democracy on Fox radio

OMG! Communist Party chairman on Fox Talk radio? Yes indeed. It happened recently when John Bachtell appeared on the Steve Colmes show. You can listen here.[]

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(Editor's note; This interview was orginally published under the title "Mistakes were made: A talk with the head of the Communist Party USA.)

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The American people are hungry for change

Speech given at the Comfest, June 28th, Columbus Ohio. 

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The times are a-changin, says Communist organizer at Columbus festival

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Columbus Ohio once again hosted the nation's largest and oldest volunteer-run music and community festival, known locally as ComFest, during the last weekend in June. This year the Ohio District of the CPUSA sponsored a table on behalf of the district's youth organizers which was staffed by young and old communists from across the state. During the three-day fest they spoke to hundreds of people, sold progressive literature and union-made apparel, and signed up dozens of people for the area's mailing list.

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New Year's resolution: Join the party!

If you are the kind of person who's concerned with the fate of the world, and looks toward political activism as an effective agency to transform the nature of power, then I imagine that over the years you've been asked by someone sometime to join the Party. Or maybe the movement. Or the committee. Or team. Or leadership collective.

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Ten important events for the communist/socialist movements in 2014

1. 95th anniversary[] of the Communist Party USA and its 30th convention.[]

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Marxist IQ: November 7th Answers

The main slogan of the October Revolution was *d)* Peace, bread and land.

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