Block party makes for great neighborhood outreach

NEW HAVEN: The Winchester Newhall Club of the Communist Party got a great reception during the annual Newhall St. block party. Decorated with a "Jobs Not Jails" banner and copies of Black Lives Matter by Jarvis Tyner, the neighborhood club table featured a petition calling on members of the Connecticut Congressional Delegation to co-sponsor the Employ Young Americans Now Act. The Act would create 1 million summer and year round jobs with priority for low-income youth in Black and Latino communities. Everyone was eager to sign.

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State of the Union: Framework to mobilize

Presented to the National Board, Communist Party USA, January 22, 2015.

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New Year's resolution: Join the party!

If you are the kind of person who's concerned with the fate of the world, and looks toward political activism as an effective agency to transform the nature of power, then I imagine that over the years you've been asked by someone sometime to join the Party. Or maybe the movement. Or the committee. Or team. Or leadership collective.

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Ten important events for the communist/socialist movements in 2014

1. 95th anniversary[] of the Communist Party USA and its 30th convention.[]

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Do you want to stop right wing attacks on living standards? Check out the Communist Party USA!

Do you want to stop right wing attacks on living standards and democratic rights? Are you interested in socialism? Click here  to checkout the Communist Party USA!

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2014 elections: Keep our eyes on the prize

Below is the report by Joelle Fisham to the National Board, Communist Party USA on November 6, 2014

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