Women are fighting back

Across the country, women are fighting back to defemd their jobs and their families against candidates who want to destroy women's reproductive rights, health care, family leave and paid sick days. Women's voices and votes can make the difference in this election in the U.S. Senate and House, for Governors and State Legislatures, and in the movement going forward for full equality. Here are a few of the efforts underway from now to election day:

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2014 Elections Resources

CPUSA members are engaged in campaigns across the country to turn back the extreme right agenda. This page contains some tools, links and articles that can be helpful to your work.

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Voter turnout is the key

(Editor's note:  Report to CPUSA National Committee meeting, September 11, 2014.)

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Marxist IQ: Marxism and The State - Answers

1. Marxists traditionally see the capitalist state as:* c* A state controlled in the last analysis by the capitalist class; and* e* An arena of class and democratic struggle

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A new upsurge against racism and police crimes is being born

With the cold-blooded murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was shot six times by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, once again our hearts and souls are torn asunder. Once again, millions of African Americans and people of all races are asking, "How long will these injustices endure?" We must renew the struggle and confront and defeat the racist idea that Black lives are expendable in this country that is our home. Daily mass demonstrations all over the world have continued for over a week. A new mass upsurge against racism and against police crimes is being born.

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Reflections on the Communist Party convention

Recently the Communist Party USA held its 30th National Convention in Chicago. In all, nearly 375 delegates and guests convened over the weekend of June 13-15 to affirm the Party's strategic policy, hold panel and plenary discussions, conduct workshops and outline new areas of organizational focus - namely, broadening and building the movement of fast-food workers for $15 an-hour and a union, and redoubling our efforts in the struggle to avert climate catastrophe through global warming.

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