Resources: Which way to socialism?

BY:| June 7, 2011

The following are links to articles, podcasts and videos from the People Before Profit network. will put together occassional resource guides on various topics. If you would like to suggest a topic or are wondering if a specific resource is available you can email me, talbano (at) peoplesworld (dot) org.


Marxism for young activists and CPUSA livestreams

Political Affairs PODCASTS:

The Road to the 2012 Elections (Part 1)

The Road to the 2012 Elections (Part 2)

Labor’s Independence and Stakes in 2012 Elections

From People’s World, the latest analysis on the road to socialism in the United States.

Which way to socialism?

What would U.S. socialism look like?

Is socialism possible?

From CPUSA archives:

Reflections on socialism

Video: Stand up for workers’ rights and peace

Fight against racism: new challenges, possibilities and features

Status and role of CPUSA

Study guide: immigration, immigrant rights and working class unity

Videos on

Political Affairs is hosting an indepth discussion based on the article, “A Party of Socialism in the 21st Century: What It Looks Like, What It Says, and What It Does.” Here are some highlights:

Growing the Communist Party: Looking at Organizing Methods in a Historical Context

A Communist’s View: Urgency of Tackling 21st Century “Paradox”

Organizational Rubric, Power and Relevance: A Close Look At a Proud Organization

Latest in the series: You Might Be a Marxist if…

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Tiffany UK | October 15, 2012 at 8:14 PM

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josefponce | June 18, 2011 at 10:24 AM

Encourage USA citizens and residents to scour the internet to read and familiarize with the commentaries, statements and perspectives from all of the various workers, communist, socialist, left and other parties around the world.

Discussions as to the only viable alternative for humanity is to orient and coordinate all of our policies toward socialism with the express purpose of every human having a “good living,” as Evo Morales says, achieves “el buen vivir.”

Also, would recommend perusing the various Communist Universities online, such as the one from South Africa to review the list of their course offerings.

There is one in Australia too, each offers a regional perspective on the present priorities of a united world struggle for youth employment and productive employment, not centered on imperialist war machine.

There are various internet marxist archives and collections that maybe someone can put together for publishing in ICWP member web sites. All with the purpose to bring people together and have them inform themselves and start thinking about what Karl Marx meant by phrase “Workers of the World! Unite!”

In the USA, there are all sorts of movements that “have had it with the present business, financial, military, pharmaco, energy complex and their intentions to rule the planet for only their benefit.

The movement around seems to me fertile area for recruiting activists struggling for ideological clarity towards socialism. This movement has to be studied with Degraw as one of its founders with among other goals to remove Bernanke from the Federal Reserve for many good readons. These decentralized (?), online, among younger professionals, technitians and underemployed are fertile ground for ideological and organizational work, in the same way the the South African people united the SACP, ANC, SACTU,,,etc. Keep up the struggle.

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